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Man U vs Burnley... the cost comparison

£59.7 million is the fee that Manchester United will pay Real Madrid for Angel Di Maria (whoever he is)

£45 million is the money estimated to have been spent on transfer fees by Burnley... who Man U are playing tomorrow, since the club were founded in 1882.


Rant over.

Flintoff spared ban for speeding

"Millionaire cricketer Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff has escaped a driving ban for speeding in his Bentley after arguing "exceptional hardship" to magistrates.

Flintoff, 36, was already on nine points for speeding and in danger of an automatic ban with another three points after admitting being behind the wheel when flashed by a camera doing 87mph on the M6, near Linstock, Cumbria on January 28 this year, Carlisle Magistrates' Court heard.

But JPs accepted a ban would amount to exceptional hardship because of the effect on others who rely on his extensive charity work and the privacy of his three children.

Instead, the former England cricket captain, caught speeding four times in the last three years, was given the three points on his licence and fined £330 but allowed to keep driving." -- MSN News website

Exceptional hardship!!!!... What an utter load of drivel. Why the f*ck should this bloke escape being banned when he has flagrantly been caught speeding four times.

I'm damn sure Joe Public wouldn't have been treated so leniently (and so they shouldn't). Is it because he is famous? You bet is!


Rant over.

True Blood

I have been meaning to watch this HBO series for ages... and at last I have got around to downloading the first five episodes of series one and watching them on consecutive nights.

And what do I think?


The best character by far is Bill Compton the lead vampire. I urge you to watch it if you can.

You can see where True Detective nicked their title sequence and theme tune from too.

Rating: 8.5/10

Guardians of the Galaxy

I had read a few OTT reviews about this film on AICN the other day so I was naturally intrigued to see things for myself.

So here we go...

Guardians of the Galaxy is a galactic space romp... a highly amusing film which has proven to be a very bold move by Marvel to expand their cinematic universe. The main characters are very quirky and highly original (which is refreshing to say the least).

There are several running jokes which made me chuckle: Peter Quill trying to get people to remember his alias: Starlord, Drax “The Destroyer” taking everything literally and Groot only ever saying “I am Groot”.

The actor who plays Ronan “The Accuser” (the main villain) is very reminiscent of Frank Langella's portrayal of Skellator in the B rate classic “Masters of The Universe”.

Josh Brolin makes a brief cameo appearance as arch baddie Thanos and Benicio Del Toro similarly as The Collector.

The only real negative is the formulaic plot which climaxes predictably as they always seem to do in these sort of films.

All in all an entertaining film and I would certainly recommend going to see it.

Rating: 7.5/10

OMG Gary Busey in Celebrity Big Brother!

Good grief!... I can't believe they have recruited Gary Busey as a housemate.

This guy is WACKO!!!

Episode VII Stormtrooper

More and more tidbits are leaking out about Star Wars Episode VII including this photo of a stormtroopers helmet.

Mind you... knowing J J Abrams this could all be disinformation!

The sound of rainfall...

... is actually quite therapeutic late at night.

What I don't like is some f*cking pigeon that has built it's sodding nest in the guttering and has created a mini Niagara Falls.

Death to all pigeons!

Rant over.

Lego female research institute set...

What the f*ck are Lego up to? Why the hell would kids want to play with a female research institute set? (Yawn!)

Come on caving into the political correctness brigade is utterly ridiculous. Kids want:

Batman and Star Wars for heavens sake.


Rant over.

"Watch out workers, the robots are coming"

According to an article in The Times nurses and teachers will survive but those in white-collar jobs may be edged out in a decade.

Experts have predicted that doctors, accountants, lawyers and the rest of the professional classes are to be supplanted by artificial superintelligence and advanced robotics by 2025.

Okay... the article goes on with a quote from Larry Gell, founder and director of the International Agency for Economic Development (whatever that is?) and he says "Everything that can be automated to replace humans will be done." People were the single biggest cost to most companies, he said, so the process of replacing them with cheaper automatons would only accelerate.

So let me get this right... in the quest to get costs to rockbottom levels all human employees will be ultimately got rid of.

But wouldn't that mean NO ONE will have any money because they will be all out of work. So therefore who are these robot employing companies going to sell to?


Rant over.

Big Bang Theory get big bucks...

So the "stars" of The Big Bang Theory (currently the highest rated comedy series in the US) have bagged themselves a massive pay rise which now puts them on $1,000,000 (£600,000) per episode.

Sorry but there is something quite obscene here. $1,000,000 to read a script for a 30 minute TV show!


Rant over.

Bits of chocolate

Whenever I'm lounging on the sofa eating chocolate, no matter how careful I am, whenever I get up there is always, always, always!!! bits of chocolate squashed underneath me on the upholstery.

Soooo annoying.

Rant over.

Supermarket online shopping

Why is it whenever you buy something online from one of the big supermarkets the packaging is quite often defective. It has happened several times to us. The latest was a pack of Bertolli which was unsealed. Before that a jar of tartare sauce which also had it's seal missing.

Why does this happen?

All I can imagine is that the chimp that is picking the stuff from the shelf doesn't give a sh*t... or is doing it on purpose.


Rant over.