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What a truly terrible pile of stinkin' sh*te this unfunny comedy "programme" turned out to be. I sort of half watched it whilst I was washing up and I couldn't raise a glimmer of a smile at any of it. What on Earth possessed Sir Ian McKellan and Sir Derek Jacobi to appear in such an appalling show? They must have been offered a helluva a lot of dosh to stoop so low.

A dreadful programme and I would urge you to miss it at all costs!

Rant over

Hanging around...

Why is it on TV news reports they always flit over to some dumb sap (who has drawn the short straw) and is standing outside either No. 10 or New Scotland Yard. They never actually interview anyone at the venue it just seems to be some pointless exercise to indicate the story refers to either politics or law enforcement.

Also in the case of No. 10 you always see someone exit (usually a policeman) through the door. EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!

Rant over.

"That’s not a bum deal, is it? Sid Owen enjoys lunch with blonde in hotpants… as it’s revealed he’s quitting UK for Hollywood"

Good grief... this bloke is as gormless as the character he played in EastEnders. Apparently he has been having meetings in LA to see if he can crack Hollywood. Yeah right... How can you be that delusional?

Rant over.

Waiting in the barbers...

Waiting in the barbers is a pretty boring activity (or inactivity)... and in fact that is exactly what I'm doing at the moment ie. writing a blog post whilst waiting to get my hair cut. It dents the boredom for a few minutes tapping away on my phone. There is of course 4 other people waiting here too... and guess what? They are also tapping away on their phones... and there is absolutely zero conversation. I wonder if they are writing blog posts about waiting in the barbers?

Clarkson invite...

So... the archw@nker himself has been invited to Thatcher's funeral. Says it all really doesn't it? I'm impressed with Neil Kinnock's response though, saying that he had a prior engagement. But why oh why does the public have to foot the bill? Half the population hated her guts for the misery she brought.

Rant over.

I bet they're sorry...

I find it astonishing that the power company SSE managed to get away with such a paltry fine of £10.5 million for misselling customers higher energy tariffs than they should have been paying. The company's senior management (none of whom resigned or were sacked) said they were "very sorry" for what had happened.

My arse they were sorry!!!

The only thing they were sorry about was not getting away with it... and the only reason they are apologising is because of the bad publicity. Of course they aren't the only ones who have been at it - a couple of others including E.ON are still under investigation by the industry watchdog.

The fact is... If they can get away with it, big companies will always rip off Joe Public. Scumbags!

Rant over.

I really don't like Amazon...

"Online retailer Amazon has said it will buy Goodreads, a book discovery and recommendation website.

San Francisco-based Goodreads was founded in 2007, has 16 million members and is one of the most prominent online communities for readers.

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, and it is expected to be completed in the next quarter.

Amazon's electronic book service competes against a number of rivals including Google and Apple.

Goodreads is a social network for readers, where they can recommend, review and discover books. Users can also buy books from online retailers, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

"Amazon and Goodreads share a passion for reinventing reading," Russ Grandinetti, vice-president for Kindle content at Amazon, said in a statement.

Goodreads co-founder, Otis Chandler, said the deal would allow the company to move faster in bringing its user experience to more people around the world." -- BBC News website

What a load of b*ll*cks that last sentence is. One thing is for sure and that is Otis Chandler will be considerably richer! Amazon contribute nothing to the world. They buy other people's ideas, sell it cheap and drive all its small fry competitors bankrupt. TOSSERS!!!

Rant over.