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I watched the latest Torchwood last night and wasn't particularly impressed. This series had great potential but seems to have squandered its chance at success. I think the main problems are the characters... basically I couldn't give a toss. The Owen Harper character is crap - and to be quite honest I was disappointed that the Weevil creature didn't rip his throat out. The lead female character Gwen is equally rubbish although you can occasionally feel sympathy for her. The others seem to be more in the background... which is weird considering before the series was aired it seemed that everything would hinge around Captain Jack Harkness who I thought would have been the most interesting character. An indestuctible, immortal, bisexual investigator from the future who dresses as an airforce officer from 1941... but NO! the series producers seem to completely under utilise him. Anyway the series reaches its finale on New Year's Day (which I will miss as I will be in Cape Town) so it may have something up its sleeve.

Rating: 5/10

Doctor Who Christmas Special

I thought I would post a review of probably the best TV programme of the Christmas break. I must admit I had misgivings knowing that Catherine Tate was going to be in this episode however I was pleasantly surprised at how good she was. The plot was pretty daft but then when isn't it. David Tennant totally owns the part as The Doctor and in my opinion I believe he is by far the best Doctor there has been, his charisma is just right for the character. The effects were excellent especially the sequence where the TARDIS is chasing Tate in the taxi and of course the Queen of the Racnoss particularly stands out. The story was fast paced but it did leave space for The Doctor's pain at losing Rose. I liked the way he asked Tate to be his new companion and the way she refused... very good. All in all an excellent programme and I'm looking forward to the 3rd series (or 29th? if you are a Whovian purest). The preview was good especially seeing the Black Dalek that escaped from the last episode of series 2.

Rating: 8/10

Watch this space

Coming soon... Nos. 4 to 1 of my Hate List.

Tess Daly?

Who is this woman? Why is she on television?? Why is she almost certainly earning a huge amount of money... for doing what? All I have seen her do is be the lesser co-presenter of Strictly Come Dancing... and that is it! Oh... and she is also married to that talentless prat Vernon Kaye.

Rant over

Welsh W*nker

And to think that women throw their knickers at this idiot!

No. 5 Tom Jones

Mediocre Welsh singer... how the hell can this prat be worth £165 million? And to top it all he received a knighthood!!!! For what????

"Nothing behind the eyes..."

Last night we went to Tesco in Hatfield to do a quick bit of shopping… What a glorious experience it is wandering the aisles of that palace of delights. Now I know my very learned friend PW has made many observations in his local store – however I must re-iterate the astonishing looks of blankness upon the faces of the chimps that shop there. Is this really how far we have evolved???

Rant over

Bizarre!... Lemsip Toxic!!

This truly is UNBELIEVABLE!!!....

"WELSH MP Lembit Opik has split up with weather girl Sian Lloyd - for one of the Cheeky Girls, according to reports last night.
The 41-year-old Montgomeryshire Lib-Dem and Shadow Welsh Secretary was reported to be romancing Romanian pop twin Gabriela Irimia, 24, whom he met at a showbiz bash.
Neath-born Sian, 48, dismissed rumours of a split with Lembit in October. The couple, who met at party in 1998, announced their engagement in 2004 and originally planned to marry at Powys Castle the following year before postponing the ceremony.
But in an interview today, Sian reveals she ended the engagement because they had grown apart. She wanted to settle down but claims he was an insatiable party animal.
The ITV forecaster, who was an I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here contestant, said: "His affair is like something out of a pantomime. They've been together two months and I called off our engagement two weeks ago, so you do the maths. "

"insatiable party animal"???

The mind boggles

No. 6 Sir Philip Green

Sir Philip Green.... why "Sir" what has this money grabbing b*stard ever done to deserve a knighthood? Services to his own pocket maybe? Sir Philip Green is the fat slug who owns Bhs and Arcadia Group. He is the 4th richest man in Britain. He also asset strips, exploits sweat shop labour in the poor countries of the world and spends money on himself and his family like there is no tomorrow. This businessman awarded himself a £1.17 billion dividend on £476 million profits.... slighty dodgy maybe? Oh yes he also doesn't believe in putting anything back because he pays no income tax by living in Monaco. What a nice chap!

Rant over

Gray's Anatomy

I caught Gray's Anatomy last night.... I continue to marvel at how high up her head the oriental woman's eyes are!!!!

No. 7 Jay Kay

Aka The Prat in The Hat - This arrogant ugly faced grotesque runt is a complete and utter tosser! He somehow believes that he is a racing car driver simply because he has the cash to buy umpteen different Ferraris. Everytime I see a picture of him I have the urge to punch him in the face.... Oh!... and his music is sh*te also!

Other scumbag singers are Bono (even his name is ridiculous - actually come to think of it what about The Edge - what the hell is that about???)

On the "classical" front: Russell Watson (who treated his wife like filth) and Lesley Garrett (if I hear this obnoxious woman giving a musical flourish in the middle of a TV interview again I think I will throw a brick at her).... All of them... vile!

Rant over

How e-mail has destroyed business (Part 1)

I don't know how other people have found things but I seriously believe e-mail has wrecked business... certainly in the printing industry. Over the last 16 years I have seen the dumbing down of the industry until it has reached the level where the average customer is a total retard. I think e-mail has played a major part, simply because it has made people very very lazy. How many times have you received an e-mail at work where the monkey sending it to you has just forwarded it on from someone else and you have to pick out the information you need about half a dozen e-mails down the page? I actually cannot understand how half the people (customers) I have to deal with even got their jobs...

To be continued...

More crap actresses

Following on from my Judi Dench entry on the hate list I would like to add the following actresses:

Kate Beckinsale (never ever been in a decent film because she is shit)
Scarlett Johansen (overated rubbish - and ridden off of the backs of decent actors)
Catherine Zeta Jones (moneygrabbing Welsh garbage)
Angelina Jolie (cannot act for toffee - but still gets offered plum roles!)

Of course all the above owe their success to physical looks.

Rant over

My Weekend

Well it’s back to work after another weekend that shot round in about 2 nanoseconds. Oh the joy of the printing industry – bugger all enquiries at the moment so probably zero work for the factory in the new year! Great. We went to the Black Rock tennis tournament at The Royal Albert Hall on Saturday and saw Rios vs Haarhuis which was entertaining… Haarhuis won (this was a semi final) and I think he went on to play Goran Ivan-thingie-vic (can’t remember how to spell his name) in the final yesterday. They were demo-ing the new Nintendo Wii with a tennis game which looks bloody excellent and showing it on big screens.
Didn’t do a great deal on Sunday apart from clean the house and watch LOST in the evening. Hope everyone is okay and if you would like to dent the monotonous, tedium of work please feel free to make comments or post stuff!

No. 8 "Dame" Judi Dench

I simply cannot understand why this piggy hard faced woman is regarded as a TOP actress. She is exactly the same character in everything she has ever appeared in... always with the same disparaging demeanor and disdainfully criticising others. She has fallen into that bracket where she can do no wrong... another BAFTA "Dame" Judi? "Okay stick it with the two dozen others." The woman is rubbish - but is surrounded by The Emperor's New Clothes" Effect. She is exactly like her "M" character in everything, even that utter crap comedy "As Time Goes By".

Rant over

Russell Rants

Why are St Albans district, County Council and our MP so FU*KIN USELESS: I note just this week that: The Odeon is to be finally demolished to make way for more flats. Westminster Lodge is to be shut and replaced with just a 25m pool, to finnace it the council are to close Bricketwood pool and facilities in London Colney, although there is still a 50% shortfall at present on finding the money. Fleetville and Cunningham hill libraries are to be closed Closure of Harpenden hospital, Hemel A&E and eventually the whole hospital and the abandonment of the super hostpital. All they seem to be able to achieve is build over budget road schemes no one wants and grant planing to build 20,000 houses and flats!!!!!!!!!!

Russell has been added as an author

New authors

Hopefully Pad, Luke, Simon and Phil have all been invited to be authors on my blog (as they have all made comments)

Casino Royale

Caught the latest Bond flick the other week and was well impressed… Daniel Craig is "The Man" and he really rocks as the new James Bond. No more namby pamby Pierce Brosnan thank God! The opening sequence is particularly spectacular and the looking down the gun barrel (you know the bit they have at the beginning of all Bond films) was very cleverly incorporated into the action. The free running Sebastien Foucan who Bond chases at the start is incredible. The violence is hard and brutal and very realistic looking. I won’t spoil the plot but apparently it follows the book quite faithfully (in fact I will be shortly checking that out as I have bought the book). One of the bits I liked was the very end and what Bond says at the very end. Without a doubt the best Bond film since the Connery era.

Rating: 9/10

No. 9 Shane Warne

Well where do I start?… An arrogant obnoxious Australian! Mind you what Australian isn’t arrogant to some degree? Now let me just say I am not criticising his ability to play cricket I just loathe his whole character… and of course assuming England lose the Ashes we will have to endure his rubbing it in. Is it me but do the Australians seem to have a perverse enjoyment of sticking one over on us? I think it conceals a massive chip on their shoulders! Bloody convicts!!

Rant over

Kapitan Plankton

I would like to wish the very best to Andy Bateman, a sprocket berk par excellence who kept me forever depressed at work and of course I did the same to him!

Amoeba Boy

No.10 BMW Drivers

Here we go, the countdown begins... at No. 10 are BMW drivers or more specifically 3 series BMW drivers. These people are scum of the Earth basically, a highly arrogant breed who believe it is their divine right to get in front of all other road users. I'm sure that most people will have experienced being cut up by a 3 series! Of course to many shallow individuals it is their ultimate goal to own such a vehicle... usually people who work in sales. What I do find amusing is that BMW produce the 1 series a truly repulsive looking car specifically for those who are on their way "up" in life and who strive to have a 3 series. Give no quarter to the 3 series driver!!!

Rant over...

Christmas Hate List 2006

Okay... Simon has requested my Christmas Hate List - therefore watch this space and I will publish it as soon as I can. Can anyone predict who I may select for this prestigious league of loathsome individuals?


Well this is my first posting to my own blog.... what can I rant about? Any suggestions?