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Taxi drivers...

You'd think that sitting behind the wheel all day would lead to decent driving? Not if you're a taxi driver in our area. Just today, I was unfortunately following one and the stupid ignorant b*st*rd was wandering all over the place crossing over the lane markings with no consideration. They have a reluctance to give way at roundabouts and they cut off corners... like the binmen a chimpanzee could do a better job!

"Excuse me driver... 23 Acacia Avenue"

"Ooh ooooh ooooh banana"

Rant over.

F*ckwit No.2

So... that repellantly ugly b*stard Michael "Only I know what's best for schools" Gove has suffered a humiliating climbdown on his plans for overhauling GCSEs.

GOOD!!!... serves the tosser right. All he needs to do now is wear a paper bag over his head.

Rant over.

That's progress for you...

Sir Terry Leahy, former boss of supermarket giant Tesco, admitted on Radio 4's Desert Island Discs that though he was sad about the demise of high street shops in Britain he believed it was still progress to have out of town superstores... so in other words f*ck the poor b*st*rds who have lost their jobs and all praise the wonder of Tesco.

Arrogant git.

Rant over.