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You're a diamond... Bob

How on earth can this tw*t believe it is acceptable not to resign. He is the overall boss of the bank and prior to that he was in charge of the greedy f*cking b*st*rds at Barclays Capital at the exact same time they were fixing the rates to line their own pockets.

Every single one of these moneygrabbing scumbags should have the book thrown at them and be sent down for a very long time!!

Rant over.

More Olympic tickets...

Ages ago tickets went on sale for the London Olympics. It was recommended on the website that people should apply for several events to give them a good chance of seeing one of them. A huge number of people did just that and a huge number of people received dick all. People were angry. People still are angry. We were told there were many more applications than available tickets.

And then they tell us a load more tickets have become available! Where the f*ck have they come from? Why weren't they available first time around?

It will be interesting to see if there are any empty seats in the stadium!

Rant over.

Forever England

I didn't watch any of the England games during Euro 2012. But one thing that was very plain to me was that for once the majority of people thought they had little chance of progressing far in the competition.

After three matches and qualifying for the quarter finals, the delusions of grandeur kicked in and the obligatory comments of "Maybe England can go all the way" were uttered - only to be smashed to pieces by a far superior Italy.

This leads me to the questions: Why are England generally mediocre? Why can't we pass the ball competently? Why are the England players paid colossal salaries (by their clubs) along with top players from other countries and perform so badly for the national team? It doesn't make sense. Maybe they should take pay cuts... yeah right... and pigs might fly!!

Rant over.

Bank downgrades

If you were on the board of directors of one of the UK banks that has had its credit rating downgraded... wouldn't you feel like hiring a hitman to shoot the f*ckers at Moodys?

What I want to know is... Is there a mathematical equation for making these downgrade decisions? And if so... what is it? Seems very unsatisfactory to me!

Rant over.

Tax avoiding b*st*rds

I don't like Jimmy Carr. He is unfunny and smug... and now the f*cker has been revealed to be involved heavily in tax avoidance. And how ironic? After being awarded an OBE the arselicking Gary Barlow has also been caught out using a scheme to avoid paying tax. Embarrassing eh... Gazza?

Whilst the rest of us pay through the nose certain very wealthy people like those two believe they should pay very little.

Rant over.

Green and pleasant land

I don't know about you... but I can't say I was particularly impressed with the naf model of the Olympic opening ceremony they showed everyone on the news the other night. It looked like someone had knocked it up the previous afternoon - I've seen far better kids toys! And what was with the Subbuteo cricket players? I'm sorry Mr Boyle but this looks b*ll*cks.

Rant over.

"Sir" Paul McCartney

After enduring "Sir" Tom "Welsh f*cker" Jones, "Sir" Elton "vile poof" John, "Sir" Cliff "weird saddo" Richard the jubilee concert concluded with "Sir" Paul "plastic face weirdo" McCartney... who simply trawled through an ancient medley of songs including the never ending Let It Be.

But what horrifys me is that McCartney has been asked to perform the finale at the Olympic opening ceremony!

I wonder what songs he will perform?

Rant over.