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Olympic house renting...

I thought that was typical on the news tonight about certain London boroughs blocking people from renting out their homes during next years Olympics. Not that I could give a sh*t about the councils' actions... I just thought it was highly typical that so many landlords want to make a killing out of a captive market. Everything in this country is about making a packet out of anything!

Rant over.

"'BAE has behaved in a terrible way': Former home secretary Alan Johnson AND Tory MP David Davis condemn treatment of 3,000 staff who lost their jobs"

This news is utterly depressing... 3,000 skilled jobs in a high tech manufacturing industry are casually tossed away and "Ian King, chief executive of BAE Systems, said the company needed to maintain its 'competitiveness'.

Mr King said: 'Our customers are facing huge pressures on their defence budgets and affordability has become an increasing priority. 'Our business needs to rise to this challenge to maintain its competitiveness and ensure its long-term future.'

What he also means is that they need to make much bigger profits than they already are. The sickmaking truth is that very soon there will be no one left in the UK who has the skill to work in advanced engineering and we will never be able to manufacture aircraft ever again!

Rant over.


I remember seeing posters and online adverts for this film when it came out at the cinema, but never really thought anything of it. I had no idea what it was about and never realised it was Spanish and had subtitles. I had never even heard of the original film it immediately follows on from.

Last night I watched it on Sky Movies Horror and was well impressed. The film takes place in a quarantined block of appartments in Barcelona. The camera work is of the shakycam variety much like Cloverfield. The premise is that a highly infectious virus has contaminated the occupants and turned them into rabid zombie like savages. We, the audience, are initially following the actions of a three man SWAT team who are sent into the building a long with a mysterious and enigmatic doctor. Needless to say nothing is as it seems and as the tension is ramped up it looks very bleak for the interlopers.

Midway through the film we join a new group of characters who also break into the building and swiftly find out they have taken on more than what they bargained for.

I won't say anymore about the plot... which I thought was quite original. Only that things are left open for Rec3

Totally recommend this film... but you must enjoy horror as you may suffer from nightmares!

Rating: 8/10

Just about sums up Britain...

Absolutely embarrassing... there are a load more photos like this on The Daily Mail website!

"NHS pay chief executive £3,163 a day for 141 days work at cash-strapped hospital"

"An NHS chief executive was paid £3,163 a day for just 141 days work at a cash-strapped hospital, it was revealed today.

Derek Smith received £387,220 for the 141 days he worked temporarily as boss of Dorset County Hospital, including £10,793 for expenses.

The executive had previously hit the headlines after hospital accounts showed he was paid £248,081 - or £2,557 a day - in the 2009/10 financial year for just 97 days work.

Documents for the last financial year have revealed that the NHS paid him a further £139,179 for his remaining 44 days at the hospital, the equivalent of £3,163 a day. Similarly, an interim director of finance hired by the same debt-ridden hospital was paid £280,621 for 201 days work, or £1,396 a day.

The hospital was £5.1 million in debt when they hired Mr Smith and has since reduced staffing levels through natural wastage to cut costs." -- Daily Mail website

What I want to know is what exactly does the chief executive of a hospital do to warrant £3,163 a day? And how can some tw*t make the decision to employ someone on such a basis when the hospital was so much in debt?? UNBELIEVABLE!

Rant over.

Whose side is that judge on?

How the hell can that retarded judge believe it is right to hold up the eviction of those thieving inbreeds? It beggars belief that some double-barrelled tw*t can take it upon himself to throw a spanner in the works.

Surely someone in authority should be dishing out the f*cker's P45? Meanwhile these Irish criminals are laughing at the British justice system.

Rant over.

Scarlett Johansson calls in the FBI

UNBELIEVABLE! Can this be for real? Scarlett Johansson (utterly shite but incredibly rich Hollywood "actress") has called in the FBI because someone (shock horror!) has published risque photos (that she took herself) online.

Are you telling me that the FBI haven't got anything better to do than to investigate topless photos of a so-called celebrity?

I bet the local Hertfordshire constabulary would jump straight to it if someone published nude pics of me on the Net!

Who gives a sh*t.

Rant over.

Skynet seeks to crowdsource the stars

"Idle home computers are being sought to help search through mountains of astronomical data. The Skynet project involves using the spare processing capacity of computers as a giant, distributed supercomputer. PC's joining Skynet will scour the data for sources of radiation that reveal stars, galaxies and other cosmic structures. People who process the most data could win a visit to one of the observatories gathering data for the project." -- BBC News website

Hmmmm... very clever. BUT... clearly the "genius" who thought up the name has never seen the Terminator films as SKYNET is the name of the computer system that takes over the world and decides the human race is to be eliminated from the face of the Earth. Bozos! I'm not letting my PC join Skynet as I really don't want a shapeshifting robot coming to butcher me!!

Rant over.

Game of Thrones

I wonder why they dropped the "A" from the title when they made the TV programme? Anyway... that doesn't matter because this drama series is utterly brilliant! The story and the world it is set in is fantastic and the characters and actors portraying them are sublime. HBO have done an incredible job in adapting George R R Martin's A Game of Thrones. Sean Bean heads up the cast as Ned Stark... head of the Stark family and Lord of Winterfell. I love the way all the northmen all speak with northern accents and are all straight-talking no nonsense warriors. Their deadly opponents are the Lannisters who are headed up by Charles Dance and you couldn't get a more devious bunch. Their motto is "a Lannister always pays his debts" and without doubt the character who reminds us this the most and who is probably the best character in the whole programme is Tyrion Lannister played by the brilliant Peter Dinklage. He literally steals every scene he is in. Dinklage's charisma is marvellous.

Series 2 is apparently in production and I personally cannot wait to watch it. In the meantime if you haven't seen series 1... I urge you to do so.

Rating: 10/10

More gypo rants...

So it has become apparent that a lot of these inbreeds own property in Ireland which quite apart from begging the question why do they live on an illegal campsite in Essex? But where on earth do they get the money from? They obviously don't have mainstream jobs (could you imagine a gypo working fullstop). Do they own or run successful business'? I think not (who in their right mind would buy anything from a gypo?). And yet they manage to afford to drive expensive cars and arrange even more expensive weddings... so quite obviously their wealth is stolen. SO WHY THE F*CK ARE THEY NOT INVESTIGATED AND ARRESTED. Whilst cutbacks are imposed on the rest of us... WHY ISN'T SOMETHING DONE ABOUT IT? LUNACY!

Rant over.

15 feet out of position

Don't you just love those little Hitler councillors that relish f*cking people over? Apparently a couple in Suffolk who have ploughed their savings into building their dream home have discovered that their new house is 15 feet too far to the right. No one at any stage noticed the error until construction was complete (though why the prick who noticed decided to drop them in it escapes me). Anyway the local council held a planning meeting to decide whether they should be allowed retrospective permission... and threw it out. So basically for no sensible reason these jobsworth a*rseholes are now forcing the couple to demolish their home. Let's be honest its just the councillors on a power trip. W*nkers.

Rant over.

£6 million for gypos to bugger off

UNBELIEVABLE! So let me get this right... a large group of thieving, filthy inbreeds who are illegally living at a campsite in Basildon have told the local council that they will leave the campsite if they pay them £6 million. Utterly incredible!!!

If it was down to me I would tell them they have one day to leave before I have the whole site flamethrowered... and then have them all arrested. What is wrong with this country?... they are f*cking criminals! There seems to have been little problem with imprisoning looters. What is the difference?

Rant over.

Dentist "recommendations"

Dentists really p*ss me off. The majority operate as commercial business' but they behave as if their customers are cretins and generally act in a condescending way. If you were purchasing any other service you wouldn't put up with it.

So what really f*cks me off is when you see some dentist in a TV advert extolling the virtues of a particular toothpaste or "pro-enamel". The f*cker is of course getting a big fat fee for saying it. But because it is a dentist saying it we assume it must be true! Utterly ridiculous.

Rant over.

Students are being charged £9,000 tuition fees for courses that really cost just £6,000 to run

"Universities charging £9,000 in tuition fees next year will be milking students for up to 50 per cent more than the actual cost of their courses, it has emerged. Official analysis of leading research-based universities shows the cost of teaching some courses is well below £6,000 per year – meaning students will be paying thousands extra every year.

The research, released by the Higher Education Funding Council for England, reveal the shocking extent to which students are being ripped off for their degrees. It comes as Edinburgh became the second Scottish university to consider raising its fees for students from the rest of the UK - prompting fears they could also soon be paying £9,000.

The figures show those studying arts and humanities subjects like business studies, social studies and languages are being overcharged the most, as these are cheaper to run."-- Daily Mail website

Doesn't surprise me... any organisation that can charge for it's services is naturally going to take the opportunity to charge as much as it can get away with. This government is hell bent on enforcing class distinction and is only interested in students from rich families going to university. It's the same principle as the private schools I talked about in my post a couple of days back. Keep the poor downtrodden is what it is all about.

Rant over.

The Woman In Black

It seems to be taking me at least a week to post about things we have been up to recently. Last Saturday (that is a week ago yesterday!) we took the train into London to see the excellent play... The Woman In Black.

There are only two two actors in this ghost story so a lot rests on their ability to hold the audience's attention and this they do admirably. It is effectively a play within a play and it is through this second play that you are slowly drawn into the story and the mystery that is who is the woman in black?

The elder of the two characters has to act out the parts of all the other characters in the second play and the younger character plays the part of elder character in the second play... confused? You should be. It does make sense though when you are watching it.

It helps that the theatre is very small and this draws the audience in... and makes them jump when the woman in black reveals herself.

We thoroughly enjoyed the performance and I would recommend it if you are ever in London and would like to experience a ghost story full of suspense.

Rating: 8/10

Money talks in education

So pupils at private schools achieve six times as many A* grades at GCSE than their state counterparts. And why is that? Some think that is because wealthy people and their families strive more for success and are more intelligent and have higher aspirations. I find that utterly insulting.

I reckon the main reason for their success is simply that private schools are commercial business' and because of that there is a customer service / sales mentality... there has to be. Where as in state schools there is no such mentality, so they don't bother giving such a service... after all why should they. With a lot of staff having their pay cut, why should they give a sh*t anyway.

So that's it... if you have plenty of money you are going to get on in life regardless of intelligence or aspiration because your parents can afford to send you to a private school. No money... it's f*ck off to you.

Rant over.

Opik compares himself to Mandela!

UNBELIEVABLE! I cannot believe that tw*t Lemsip Toxik, former Liberal MP, wannabe but sh*te comedian and now failed London mayoral candidate (beaten into 4th place by Brian Paddick) has compared himself to Nelson Mandela... in his wilderness years.

What the f*ck?

Rant over.

Simply Health...

Couldn't help thinking what a load of sh*te that Simplyhealth TV advert is... banging on about how "Anna" helped me through the process of sorting out "my" private healthcare. What a load of b*ll*cks... in reality it would be "Anna" informing you that due to a pre-existing condition (ie. you had a cold 5 years ago) you are not covered. Now f*ck off!

Rant over.