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Itinerary for visiting Brits

For A's benefit at work so as she knows what we are doing on any particular day!

Wed 04/04/07
Arrive, drop T at hotel, then proceed to Hotel.

Mark and I will be visiting Pastor

Evening – dinner at L’s place (including T)

Thurs 05/04/07
Table Mountain – very early in the morning.

Wine tour in the afternoon – will arrange with S– will be picked up at the Alphen at 1:30 – this will not include me – I will spend time with C

Light dinner at Primi – maybe Waterfront or Constantia

Fri 06/04/07 (Good Friday)

Robben Island in the morning and lunch at mom’s or L’s – pickeled fish or any other fish variety.

Sat 07/04/07
Out with Mo – to show his part of the Cape Town.
Does not include me.

Babysitting – C

Sun 08/04/07

Lunch - Cattle Baron – 8 people

Mon 09/04/07

Tues 10/04/07
The day after the wedding
Mom taking out Mrs H during the day.
Go to Moyo for dinner

Wed 11/04/07
Maybe a drive to Bloubergstrand and lunch there – don’t know that area very well.

Take T to the airport
Dinner at Pigalle Restaurant – 7 people

Thurs 12/04/07
Mark’s last day – will play day by ear.

Need to go to the airport – 18H30.

Fri 13/04/07
My last day – hairdresser, etc

S has suggested lots of eating places that I will try and fit in and – shopping time needs to be included.

Being Forgetful

Just 30 minutes to go before we leave for Heathrow... what I mean is before I take N to Heathrow (as I'm leaving on Tuesday with my Mum and T). At least N and I will only be separated for 3 days this time! This morning I thought of something which I wanted to remind N of but I promptly forgot what it was - so I have this nagging feeling we may have forgotten something important to take...

Free Dinner at Pizza Express

Just got back from a free dinner courtesy of Pizza Express. How did this come about I hear you say? Well a few weeks back we were fobbed off with a "We are not doing take aways as we have run out of boxes" and then "We are only taking telephone bookings". The restaurant was half empty and clearly the staff couldn't be arsed to do any work... so I e-mailed Pizza Express with our complaints and a few days later - presto! - we received a letter saying if we showed the letter we would receive a meal of £30 for free. Which brings me back to tonight. Of course we didn't show the letter before the meal as I'm sure there would have been some saliva mingling with my Sloppy Giuseppe we showed it when we came to "pay"... and do you know what? They even had an extra beer on the bill which I did not have. The letter was taken away and the useless manager didn't even come up to us to apologise. Pizza Express pizzas are fine... I have no problem with the food. As for the staff at the WGC restaurant - they are utter crap!!!

Rant over.

Countdown to Cape Town

The Event is about to begin! Watch this space for the lowdown on the wedding of the year... if I get a chance (which is probably unlikely) I'll update my Blog whilst I'm there.

Sad Kermit!

This is funny...

"Prepare for Glory!"

I went and saw 300 on Saturday afternoon at The Galeria and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a combination of Gladiator and Troy with a similar visual style to Sin City. Gerard Butler is excellent as King Leonides and sounds a bit like Sean Connery with the shouting style and beard of Brian Blessed. All the Spartan warriors sport six packs (probably created by the extensive CGI). The chief baddie is a really tall effeminite Xerxes who is the Godking of the Persians - out for world domination. Anyway I thoroughly recommend it.

Rating: 7.5/10

Gordon Brown

If the Labour Party think that Gordon Brown will win them the next general election they are sorely mistaken. This tedious prat has had a charisma bypass - every facet about him is appalling... and have you noticed how he disappears when there is trouble around? Even his name is boring!

Rant over.

Liz Hurley

Another utterly talentless individual... why the hell does this woman even deserve our attention. All she is known for is shagging Hugh Grant and wearing a dress held together with safety pins. Sod off Liz!

Rant over.

John Inman

I was genuinely very sad to read that John Inman has died. "I'm free" will always be remembered.

Lloyds TSB

Taken from MSN

"Lloyds TSB has recently slapped some of its ‘naughtier’ customers with a “low usage fee”. They will now have to pay a penalty of £35 if they don’t regularly use their card. The bank reckons the fee will affect only about 1% of its customers, but it could still generate revenue of £1.79 million in one month alone, according to figures by Uswitch.

It’s astonishing, isn’t it? Lloyds TSB recently announced profits of more than £4 billion, yet still it hits customers with sneaky charges. It’s also a bank that has bleated about bad debts, yet still it seems happy to encourage people to borrow on their credit card."

Beggars Belief!!!


What really irks me is going to the dentist. Why is that when you are having a check up the dentist invariably criticises you for not cleaning your teeth well enough? With the massive reduction in NHS dentists - their practises are now commercial businesses so why should a commercial business criticise you. But then again if they told you everything was fine they would be lying to you so I suppose that would be worse! In any case I'm sure they sabotage your teeth ready for inflicting more treatment on you at a later date!

Rant over.

Ugly Betty

What really irritates me is the annoying background music in "Ugly Betty" obtrusive twiddly bits as each scene is being played out. Actually "Desperate House Wives" suffers from the same problem.

Rant over.

Logan's Run

I caught a bit of the classic SF film "Logan's Run" today and couldn't help notice that near the end during the bit where Logan (played by the rubbish Michael York) is being interrogated there are a couple of sandman guards who look like they are at least in their forties... bizarre considering anyone over the age of 30 is supposed to be zapped.

Just done a quick check... Michael York was 34 when he filmed "Logan's Run"... hmmmmmm

Eurovision Candidates...

Taken from MSN... last paragraph is very funny!!!

"That Joke Isn't Funny Any More
Well, the UK's candidates for this year's Eurovision Song Contest have been announced and instead of the potentially sublime prospect of Morrissey representing the nation, we've got the depressingly ridiculous choice of Justin Hawkins of The Darkness, former East 17 halfwit Brian Harvey, ex-Atomic Kitten Liz McClarnon, reformed hip-hoppers (and stars of Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed) Big Brovaz, execrable pop losers Scooch, and someone nobody's ever heard of called Cyndi.

Why any of this should even matter is interesting. The UK has long since stopped taking the competition seriously, enjoying it instead as a kitsch anachronism and a chance to snigger at Terry Wogan's sarcy commentary. Yet a nagging thought remains: pop music is one of the few things we're still good at in this country. A damn sight better than Israel, Turkey, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Greece and Finland anyway, all of whom have won it since we last did 10 years ago. So how come we have to put up with candidates like this? I mean, Jordan was in the running last year.

I suppose I answered my own question when I said we stopped taking the thing seriously aeons ago. I think the only reason it's bothering me at the moment is sheer disappointment that Morrissey won't be doing the business after all. It's like being told the lobster thermidor is off the menu and you've got to make do with a Kids Club Happy Meal instead.

Actually, you know what? It's worse than that. Let's have it straight. It's being told that one of the UK's greatest ever pop stars won't be taking part, to be replaced (possibly) by the only man in history stupid enough to run himself over. No analogy can do that justice."