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Lack of medals...

I can't help thinking it is highly unlikely that Team GB is going to achieve anything like it's previous Olympic medal tally. You can sense a slight degree of panic in the reporting.

When anyone is interviewed (for instance former double gold medallist Rebecca Adlington) and they say they were happy with their performance and result you can't help thinking "lying toad... you're gutted!"

Rant over.

The Dark Knight Rises

I can't believe four years have elapsed since The Dark Knight was released to worldwide acclaim... and I think everyone was expecting this film to be at least equal if not superior to it's predecessor. And to my mind it isn't. Where I feel it goes wrong is mainly in the latter stages. The film jumps along too quickly and you are left thinking "how did that person get from A to B so fast?" and "how did he recover so rapidly?"

For me those things spoilt a well made film. The acting is very good all round and Ann Hathaway surprised me as being an exceptional Catwoman (although she is never referred to as Catwoman). Christian Bale turns in another great performance as Batman but it is Tom Hardy as the frightening Bane who shines however I did struggle to hear what he was saying at times as his voice is muffled thanks to the mask he wears over his mouth.

I suppose when I think about it more I was disappointed with the film but that was probably due to how incredible the second film was (especially Heath Ledger). At least The Dark Knight Rises has a conclusion which will mean the next Batman movie will be a reboot or re-imagining with a new cast and director.

Rating: 7.5/10

Did you really Fearne?

I've ranted before about this vapid non-entity... but I can't help mention a reference she made on the radio today. She made a casual comment about not being able to get some tune out of her head - even after 10 minutes in to watching The Dark Knight Rises the previous night. Which of course meant she was at the film's premiere... because it isn't out on release yet.

Look at me... it's all about me... I'm soooo wonderful and sooooo famous.


Rant over.


Wasn't this useless G4S outfit the same useless outfit that used to lose prisoners that were being transported to prison some years back... except they were called simply Group 4 then?

Pocketing hundreds of millions in taxpayers money and f*cking it up completely all the time seems to be this useless company's speciality and yet still they are handed plum public sector contracts. What I would also like to know is what is going to happen to the f*ckwit that awarded this contract to them and how exactly they came to such a colossal figure?

Rant over.

"Banking Inquiry A 'Total Joke', Says MP Excluded From Committee"

"The parliamentary committee set up to investigate the Barclays Libor rate-fixing scandal has been described as a "total joke" by a Labour MP who has unexpectedly been left off its membership.
John Mann, who has made a name for himself for his combative questioning of bankers while grilling them at the Treasury committee, said it was clear he was "too outspoken" to be included." -- The Huffington Post

The bit I thought was brilliant was an earlier exchange John Mann had with Diamond Bob...

"In characteristically bold exchanges at the Treasury committee last week, Mann offered to tattoo Barclays' founding principles of "honesty, integrity and plain dealing" on Diamond's knuckles lest he forget them.
"Either you were complicit in what was going on, or you were grossly negligent, or you were grossly incompetent. That is the only conclusion," he told the banker." -- The Huffington Post


Ridiculous photos of people looking at computers

How many times have you seen the sort of photo on the right appearing on a website?... What is all that about?? You see them all over the place - grinning retards in an office looking at a computer screen (ironically you can never see what they are looking at).

And the other thing is you are supposed to believe these bozos are employees of the company in question (rather than out of work actors / models).

On a similar theme have you noticed similar photos on credit card websites? Why the f*ck would anyone be grinning with their partner / spouse at a screen displaying their credit card balance?!!


Rant over.

Olympic bonuses... again!

So let me get this right... train drivers who work for First Great Western including those staff who work in the west country and Wales are demanding a bonus of between £400 and £900 for working during the Olympic Games in LONDON.

Personally I would sack every last f*cking one of them if they went on strike. This is extreme p*ss taking.

And of course guess which scumbag b*st*rd is behind all this? Yes... good old Bob Crowe. He must have so many enemies its a wonder no one has hired a hitman!

Rant over.