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"Fury as Ryanair imposes yet another compulsory passenger charge"

"Ryanair has been accused of 'fleecing its customers' after introducing a new charge to offset costs of their legal obligations to look after stranded travellers. The airline has announced it will introduce a £2 levy on all bookings made from Monday to cover 'unfair and discriminatory' pay-outs to stranded passengers who face delays or cancellations following disruption - such as during bad weather and the volcanic ash cloud. Whilst rival airlines have dubbed the new levy a 'smokescreen' and a 'very thinly disguised fuel charge', Ryanair are sticking by its guns. It said that over the past year it has suffered costs of about £87.8 million (more than 100 million euros) arising from flight cancellations, delays and the cost of providing care, compensation and legal expenses."-- AOL website

Couldn't you just ram that model plane down that f*cker's throat?

I suppose one could argue that you have a choice... ie. you don't have to fly by Ryanair (and personally I wouldn't) but they seem to be hell bent on being held liable for nothing and they pull out all the stops to get around the law.

Rant over.

University Fees

I couldn't believe it when I read that Leeds Met University has announced annual fees of £8,500. How the hell are they expecting to attract students at those sort of prices? Well apparently they have no choice because of the cuts. So Mr Cameron and Mr Osbourne... you have well and truly f*cked over University education in this country for the average person. Perpetuate elitism and keep it the preserve of the wealthy. B*st*rds.

Rant over.

The Lincoln Lawyer

We hadn't been to the cinema for ages... and after reading reviews of Battle: Los Angeles and The Adjustment Bureau which both looked reasonable we decided to plump for a completely different film... The Lincoln Lawyer.

Matthew McConaughey is not an actor I have been keen on in the past but in The Lincoln Lawyer he really comes into his own. As a shrewd and highly sharp lawyer whose office is his old Lincoln car (hence the title) he takes on a case defending a murder suspect and he swiftly becomes embroiled in a plot which twists and turns and culminates with McConaughey being placed in the firing line.

This is a highly entertaining film and it makes a refreshing change from effects heavy blockbusters (although don't get me wrong I like those too).

Highly recommended.

Rating: 8/10

Michael Buble

My god... this bloke is so bloody boring. He sings in such a bland and smug way I have to change radio stations in the car to get away from him. I'm sure they all share the same shoebox with the same Buble discs inside. BORING, BORING, BORING... f*ck off!

Rant over.

Duran Duran

It's funny how bands from yesteryear retain their fans from the era they were at their zenith. I mean watching Duran Duran perform on ITV1 on Sunday evening it was interesting to note that their fans were all 40 year old women! Of course they inevitably regain delusions of grandeur and release new material. Big mistake. It's all about nostalgia... and I'm not knocking it.

What the hell is all that about? Lets make a jokey advert for a company that is exploiting people who desperately need to borrow £50 and will be charged interest at 20,000,000% apr. Disgusting.

Rant over.

Kelly Osbourne

For years this non-entity has appeared every so often on the telly or in magazines. Now apparently she has lost weight and dresses better... and that's it... doesn't do anything else.


Rant over.

Who's the Sasquatch in this McCain's advert?

I was watching some new McCain's advert on the telly the other day and I couldn't help notice about half way through there's a sequence where Big Foot's grandad comes running past!!! Seriously though... who is that hairy f*cker?

Rant over.

MO's Leg (Part 5)

I have just received the latest from MO. Read on...

So it is week 7 of the ongoing saga of my ruptured achillees tendon and not much has changed. My leg is still in a cast and I cannot put any weight on my leg so I hop along on my crutches. I am getting so frustrated of being unable to do even the simplest tasks. I managed to take a bus to hospital the other day ( unable to drive and I was too thrifty to spend another 6 quid on a cab ) and to my surprise a person that looked about 123 years old offered his seat to me. I was very grateful and thought to myself- I could get used to this.

Unfortunately I am not the only person frustrated with my condition as my friends seemed to have been less than eager to help me out. They seem to change the topic as soon as I discuss my leg and offers of cooking, cleaning and transport are a bit sparse at the moment.

This calls for a new strategy, now I am not to milk it, but needs must!

Strategy number 1 – never answer the phone on the first ring,

Strategy number 2 – switch the mobile off for a few hours (my mobile is never switched off)

Strategy number 3 – cry – surely no-one can help but feel obliged to do my washing up

Strategy number 4 – update facebook with lyrics from Whitney Houston’s “I didn’t know my own strength” each day.

We shall see how this strategy works, but I think this should give me a few weeks of pampering before I have to ... “ try it on my own “ which is another Whitney Houston song but more about that when the time comes...

Queuing at the chippy

I'm posting this whilst waiting at the local fish and chip shop... What really p*sses me off is the f*cker who sneaks in front of you and promptly orders fish and chips for 36!

Rant over.

The Red Skull

I couldn't help posting this picture of Hugo Weaving as The Red Skull from the forthcoming Captain America film... This film looks the biz!

Hawk Eye flogged to Sony

I see that the owners of Winchester based company Hawk Eye which invented and supply the equipment to scan the lines in tennis and cricket have flogged it to Sony. So I suppose that will be adios amigos to the poor b*st*rds that work for the company. Another successful British company snaffled up for a quick buck. Sick making.

Rant over.

£2 per litre

Just been listening to the news and they are reporting the price of petrol could increase to £2 per litre because of the Libyan crisis. Hang on a minute I didn't realise Libya was the only oil producing country in the world! What a load of b*ll*cks... more like the oil companies want an excuse to put their prices up even higher!!

Rant over.

Understanding Accents

Not that I could give a sh*t about Cheryl Cole and her possible career as a judge on the US version of the X Factor but I find it mindboggling that she may lose out because of her Geordie accent being too confusing for the average thicko Yank. Apparently us British either speak in RP or cockney. Well me old china I'd be buggered if I can understand the likes of Jodie Foster and her whistlin' southern accent.

Rant over.

Prescription Charges

So once again us poor saps in England end up being stung by paying far more for things than the Scots and the Welsh. Now prescription charges are going to be free north of the border. What I want to know is how exactly are Scottish taxpayers going to pay for these freebie services? What services are going to face extra cuts to compensate?? I certainly hope that us British citizens living in England are not going to be expected to bail out Scotland if their finances go down the toilet.

Rant over.