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"I have sinned"

"Disgraced former Co-op Bank chairman Paul Flowers has spoken for the first time since his arrest over drugs allegations, saying: "I have sinned."

The Methodist minister, who stepped down from the bank last summer, told BBC Newsnight some of his "frailties" had been exposed in the public domain.

He was arrested last November after the Mail on Sunday published footage showing him allegedly buying drugs.

Mr Flowers, 63, said the last few months had at times been "hellish"." -- Daily Mail website

I bet it was "hellish". How the hell did this idiot end up being the chairman of a bank? How did they advertise the job? "Wanted druggee vicar to lead multi billion pound bank"


Rant over.

Every spaceship ever?

I'm not convinced this picture shows every spaceship ever... but it's quite impressive nonetheless!

Serco and G4S still get the contracts

I know I keep ranting about this but I have just read an article in the Sunday Times about Serco and G4S which reports that despite a temporary ban imposed on them for deliberately and illegally ripping off the taxpayer they have clawed themselves back into the government's good books and are winning outsourcing contracts again.

And the thing is both companies are still being investigated for serious fraud.

It makes you wonder if there is some heavy duty bribery going on... doesn't it?

Rant over.

Dodgy Japs!

"A new miniskirt stewardess uniform for a Japanese airline that 'barely covers' female airline staff has been condemned by a cabin crew union.

Skymark's royal blue outfit was launched last week and the length of the dress has drawn criticism with the Japan Federation of Cabin Attendants saying it is unsuitable for the work performed by cabin attendants, which includes stretching high up and kneeling down." -- Daily Mail website

Ha ha... You can always trust the Japs to come up with something pervy!

Thor: The Dark World

I thought I would post a photo of Tom Hiddleston as Loki rather than anyone else because it is Tom Hiddleston who eclipses everyone who appears in this film.

To be quite honest I felt disappointed with this second effort in the Thor series. Don't get me wrong it is fairly entertaining but nothing particularly special. Christopher Eccleston as the main baddie is completely bland and as for Natalie Portman... what a wet weekend!

The attack on Asgard reminded me a lot of the prequel Star Wars films especially the shape of the dark elf spaceships.

Could have been a lot better.

Rating: 6/10

Doormats... useless!

Don't you just love it?

It's been peeing down with rain, the soles of your shoes are sodden and you come in through the front door.

You wipe your feet thoroughly and vigorously for 20 seconds or so. Take a few steps into your hallway and presto you've left a muddy trail of footprints.

Every bloody time!!

Rant over.