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Hooray! Another year with no trick or treaters. That means I can eat all the choccies we had ready to give away.

More Bigfoot Files

I caught the second episode of this light weight series the other day. This chapter  focused on the North American sasquatch. We saw various rednecks who had supposedly come face to face with one of these hairy giants including one idiot who had apparently shot a juvenile bigfoot dead!

Of course the DNA expert conducted his usual tests on various hair samples donated by several different witnesses and the inevitable disappointing results came back. Sasquatch = black bear!

Okay... unsurprising but what hacked me off were the two bozos who banged on trees to attract bigfoots (or should that be bigfeet?) We got to hear a supposed bigfoot in the distance banging a reply back!

"They're coming this way! Several of them" said redneck no.1. But did we get to see anything? Of course not. That sequence ubruptly ended and we were back in the vet bloke's car.

What a waste of bloody time!!!

Rant over.

BT adverts (the ones with the students)

I don't like these adverts... and I particularly don't like the bloke in the middle.

Rant over.

I couldn't work at John Lewis...

Have you noticed how the majority of shop assistants at John Lewis and Waitrose are all of a certain type?

They all look about twelve years old and the blokes all have the same floppy hairstyles.

Very strange!

Rant over.

G4S... how to be incompetent at everything

And so it goes on!

The world's shittiest company is at it again. This time it has been suspended from running a South African prison because it's employees have been accused of assaulting and torturing inmates. And what does the dickhead in charge of G4S Africa say?

"I wasn't aware of any wrongdoing"... Even after reports were shown to have been made about the abuse three years ago to their management.

Again I say... Shutdown this disgustingly incompetent and shambolic organisation. Who the f*ck in their right mind would give them a contract to run anything?

Rant over.

Big Foot Files

I love all this sort of stuff... does the yeti/sasquatch/bigfoot exist? But what annoyed me about the first programme in this new Channel 4 series was the automatic conclusion that the yeti is a hybrid bear dating back 40,000 years.

It may well be true but the DNA results could have been backed up by an ursine expert. How could such a bear survive? What would it eat? How did it come to be there? All these questions were overlooked and not even mentioned.

A bit lacking but I will watch the rest no doubt!

Rating: 6/10

Fiscal cliffs and debt ceilings etc...

Talk about leaving things to the last minute! It seems that US politicians always suddenly wake up and decide they better do something about their economy and budgets a matter of hours before these deadlines of disaster. Why not sort something out a few weeks earlier... or am I missing something?

Rant over. 

Yawn... it's Sebastian Vettel


Does anybody like this bloke? 


How to kill a sport in four years... look no further than Sebastian Vettel.

Rant over.

Convenient timing Gary!

Well well... "Sir" Gary Barlow will be releasing his first solo album for 14 years in November just as The X Factor reaches its climax. Bit of a coincidence isn't it? And what's the betting he performs a song from it live on the show! Subtle as a brick GARY.

Rant over.

Greg Davies

Another individual who continuously appears in comedy panel quiz shows. He thinks he is funny... HE ISN'T!!!

Rant over.

Micky Flanagan

Everytime you switch on the TV and there is a panel based comedy quiz programme being shown you can bet your life that this f*cker is on it... talk about el desperado to get his ugly moosh everywhere.

Rant over.

Marvel's Agents of Shield

Two episodes in and I'm still undecided whether I really like Marvel's Agents of Shield. The idea is great and the way it slots in with the films is original. There are plenty of references to Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and The Hulk. In fact there are probably too many references shoe horned in... as it becomes quite noticeable and rather clunky. Agent Coulson (the boss) is by far the best character (there is something mysterious about his "death" in The Avengers) but here is the let down - the other characters are utter sh*te! Particularly the two British sounding scientists who are so annoying you wish someone would shoot them. The action bloke, the sassy wisecracking do we trust her girl and the silent oriental woman are almost equally CRAP.

It's a shame because I really want to enjoy this series. Hopefully it will get better, but it does underline the need for decent actors.

Rating: 8/10 (acting except Coulson - 4/10)


This is a strangely addictive TV programme. Ridiculously over the the top and completely unbelievable it still holds your attention mainly because all the characters are dodgy. It makes a change to have all the key protagonists breaking the law - left, right and centre. The only bit that irks me is the constant shagging in cupboards between the President and Olivia Pope.

Definitely worth a watch.

Rating: 8/10


I have never understood why certain people are fascinated by disfiguring themselves with unsightly tattoos... but as for having them inked on their face like the above retard - simply beggars belief!

What a state!!

Rant over.