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The Politics Show

I don't normally watch this programme although I do occasionally catch bits of it after watching the excellent Country File. Anyway, I digress... today's programme featured a story about retired British expats living in the South of France who had moved to their new country before reaching their 60th birthdays. What were they complaining about? The fact that they were not entitled to the Winter fuel allowance... Let me get this right... after taking early retirement they f*ck off to a place in the sun, stop paying any taxes in the UK and bloody well expect a handout to pay their bills in France. Tough luck w*nkers!

Rant over.

Council Tax Contradiction

On the news tonight, one of the headlines was that the Government was only going to give a very low increase in funding to local councils... the councils' response was that either they increase council tax or there will be cuts in funding for local services etc. as there will be a massive shortfall... but hang on a minute!... What was all that about recently when lots of these councils said they had 10's of millions invested in foreign banks... all this spare surplus cash sitting there making interest. Are we mugs or am I missing something?? Where is all this invested cash??? (okay maybe not the Icelandic dosh) Why can't they draw this out and spend it on services. I think someone is taking the p*ss out of us...

Rant over

Emma Watson (Hermione Grainger)

I haven't read any of the Harry Potter novels, however I have seen the first four films which I have enjoyed but wouldn't say they were exceptional or anything. Emma Watson's career has consisted of playing a character called Hermione Grainger in the five films that have been made so far. If memory serves me she doesn't exactly appear all the time throughout any of the films and is mainly there to play the irritating and stuck up class swot who is there as a bit of intermittant love interest for Harry. For this role she has amassed a fortune of £10 million. Obscene. Like the crappy Daniel Radcliffe I wouldn't say she was a great actor either.

Rant over.

N's Quote of The Day

"That man is irritating..." referring to Timmy Mallet on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

Credit Crunch?

N and I are very fortunate that we live 5 minutes from our places of work... so leaving promptly and having a quick dinner meant that we could pop very quickly down to M&S in London Colney to take advantage of their 20% discount. I couldn't believe it though when we got there. It was jam packed to the rafters. Every f*cker in Hertfordshire had bloody well gone there. Considering it was early-ish made it even more galling. Why weren't these scumbags still at work or making their way back from work. UNBELIEVABLE!

Rant over.


Everybody talks about the country being in a recession now, however I thought it wasn't until January next year (after two consecutive quarters of negative growth) that the UK would officially be in recession. Why do people talk themselves into this? Scare the sh*t out of people and it self perpetuates the problem. Also I can't help think that some of these large companies such as BT and Citigroup are using this "recession" to mask their long standing plans in slashing their workforces. I think there is a ton of bullshit in all this.

Rant over.

Volvo advert

Yet another advert I have come to dislike on the telly is the one promoting the new Volvo XC60. What makes me want to throw up are the man and woman who stare in awe and wonderment at this car floating above them. How the f*ck can you marvel at a bloody Volvo for chrissakes? It is the looks on their faces... "Ooooh I have seen the face of enlightenment... and it is a soddin' 4x4. CRAP!!!!

Rant over.

Robert Kilroy-Silk

I have just checked this bloke out on Wikipedia to refresh my memory... he is actually quite insane!

Rant over.


We bought a Nintendo Wii today - as a Xmas present for ourselves. Bloody excellent!! The tennis game is very good and the boxing leaves you completely shattered after about 5 minutes. I did the fitness test session and ended up with a physical fitness age of a 53 year old - so clearly something is wrong with it!

Star Trek Poster

The New Enterprise!

Apparently 4 scenes amounting to 20 minutes of footage were shown of the new Star Trek film as well as the trailer at a special showing in the UK, hosted by J J Abrams and Simon Pegg. The reports back were that it is brilliant!

Watchmen and Star Trek... the two films to watch out for in 2009!!

More Watchmen pics...

Midsomer Murder Rate

Bloody 'ell whatever you do don't move to the fictional county of Midsomer... Murder capital of the UK. There are at least 3 slayings an episode. It's akin to Murder She Wrote - if you know Jessica Fletcher you're a gonna!


Okay I admit I have been known to watch this soap on occasion and whilst it is fairly entertaining I am convinced it is not actually filmed in the UK. The reason I think that - is because of the weather... it is always bright and sunny... since when has it been bright and sunny? We seem to be under a constant deluge of rain. Another irksome feature is that the programme features three arrogant brothers who run a large successful business... except no one seems to work for them and they are permanently in the pub. Weird...

Rant over.

Extreme Makeover

There are some real dog rough women on this programme on Living TV... which I suppose is understandable considering it is about making extreme makeovers. What makes me laugh though are the results at the end - the women look 1,000,000 times better - however what the hell would you expect considering they have had about 30 plus experts in dentistry and cosmetic surgery plus top hair stylists and fashionistas pouring over them at a cost of £20 trillion quid - any ugly b*stard would look great. What does this programme prove? Yep if you have the money you can correct anything. Utterly pointless. To add insult to injury the subjects say how much this makeover would mean to them. Yeah of course anyone getting all this work done for free would be delighted. What I think would be better is if they show a programme where the experts cock it up and it all goes hideously wrong!

Rant over.

Terminal 5

I couldn't understand the news today about Heathrow's Terminal 5... some woman (politician?) was saying that the trouble earlier this year at the airport was a national humiliation and embarrassed the whole of the UK in front of the world!!! Errr... hmmmm... okay does this retard actually think that anyone gives the remotest toss about people waiting a long time at an airport terminal??? - the woman needs her head looked at? Picture this... Elmer from Retardville, South Carolina... "What a national disgrace for those Brits... you can't check yer luggage in at that thar airport of theirs" Yeah right. No one gives a flying f*ck about this story where ever they are... Lets have keep things in perspective... please.

Rant over.

Daniel Craig - The Best Bond

Quantum of Solace

I can't believe nearly two years have gone around since I reviewed Casino Royale on this blog... and here I am reviewing the next chapter in the James Bond saga.

Quantum of Solace again shows that Daniel Craig is by far the best Bond since Sean Connery. The bloke just exudes an ice cold aura of sudden and extreme violence. I don't think it is as good a film as Casino Royale, but it comes a pretty close second. The villain is a bit lightweight and of course by the end receives a justified beating. The sinister organisation which manipulates world events and is unknown to MI6 and the CIA is called Quantum however I was really hoping that SPECTRE would make an appearance again in this iconic series. Again (and I hate to say it) Judi Dench makes a believable "M"... damn! There are virtually no gadgets (apart from his Sony Ericsson phone) which makes it more realistic... however I didn't like the "Minority Report" style MI6 command centre. Good entertainment and above all... he is British!

Rating: 7.5 / 10