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I can't believe three years have elapsed since I saw Skyfall at the cinema. A film I found disappointing - mainly because of it's hammy villain.

And you know what?... Spectre is exactly the same. I feel like Sam Mendes has taken James Bond backwards and has completely undone the new direction taken in Casino Royale (a vastly superior film).

Daniel Craig once again portrays Bond brilliantly. The remaining characters are all pretty one dimensional apart from Q.

There is a plot twist and a big reveal which you can see coming a mile off if you know your Bond mythology. The obligatory fights in a helicopter and on a train and the usual car chase. Loads of continuity errors are strewn throughout. And once again a hammy villain!!!

Entertaining... but not great.

Rating: 7/10

Primary Colours Portillo

Hey!... Michael!!... What's with the strident reds, greens and blues?

You look like one of the characters from that Dick Tracy film with Warren Beatty.

Rant over.

Now I'm getting really excited!

Ashley Madison

I don't have much sympathy for the people foolish enough to sign up for this "dating" website who have had their identities revealed but what astonished me was the fact that there are 32,000,000 of them!!!!


"CEO Secrets: Sir James Dyson says back scientists"

Well... "Sir" James why don't you back British workers and manufacture your bloody vacuum cleaners in the UK rather than Malaysia like you did pre-2002. You reek of hypocrisy!

Rant over.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

I just thought I would post this photo simply to get rid of Harriet Harman from the top of my blog.

Calais calamity...

I am certainly no Tory but I couldn't believe the moronic garbage Harriet Harman reportedly came out with... ie. Criticising Cameron for not demanding that the French should pay compensation to British business' for lost income because it is their fault for not resolving the migrant crisis!

As if the French would seriously cough up any compo! They couldn't give a sh*t about British business or in fact anything British.

Now please don't get me wrong... I am pro-European but I acknowledge we are a detested nation and stand zero chance of ever being listened to seriously.

Rant over.

Tour de France vs Masterchef...

I was listening to the news the other day on one of the BBC radio stations and I couldn't believe it when they followed up a report on the sheer brilliance of Chris Froome winning the Tour de France for the second time with a report on whoever it was who had won Celebrity Masterchef... Like the two are comparable achievements!!! Ridiculous...

Rant over.

John Bercow MP

Why would anyone vote for this tw*t?

Frequently in the news for no good reasons, this money grabbing Tory turd has now been revealed as having claimed over £31,000 in expenses - including hundreds of pounds in very short car journeys.

Why is this obnoxious specimen allowed to get away with it? And why do the idiots of Buckingham continue to vote for him. Absolutely no redeeming features whatsoever and his wife is a vile money grabber too!

Rant over.