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A Night to Remember...

This weekend saw the last of the 40th birthday celebrations for those who were in my year at school. T and LA had a joint party at the The Duke of Marlborough pub in St. Albans and a great time was had by all. A barbecue was provided and of course I went up a couple of times for a plate of food... not that I'm greedy or anything! What was funny was watching everyone getting plastered (especially N). After the party finished we drove back to T and Na's for a quick coffee... which swiftly turned into another drinking session and didn't finish until 4:15am. After a foggy journey back home I had to steer MO (who was staying over at ours) towards our front door (he nearly blundered into next doors front garden) and finally collapsed with exhaustion.

Mobile Phone Adverts

The arrogance of the mobile phone companies knows no bounds... especially Orange and Vodafone. How many adverts have they had where they claim your life is so richly enhanced because you have one of their phones. They are benign godlike entities that enrich your very existence. Life is all about phoning someone on a cellular telephone. B*LL*CKS!

Rant over.


Ping Pong's coming home...

Jeezus... what a total mess Boris Johnson looked at the Olympic handover. Jacket undone, trousers at half mast - the last image I'm sure London wants to give. As for the bit with the bus, Beckham, Leona Lewis and that old crock from a dead 70's rock band - what an utterly load of SHITE!

Denbies Wine Estate

On the bank holiday, N and I had a day out at Denbies Wine Estate which is the largest wine producer in the UK and is situated near Dorking in Surrey. 300,000 vines tended by 12 workers sounds like pretty hard work to me... and all probably at the minimum wage no doubt. We took a tour and ended up tasting three of the their wines which were pretty good. If you're ever down that neck of the woods its worth checking out.

Ron Perlman

I checked out his Filmography... shedloads of stuff including a lot of voice work for animated series. His next couple of films are Outlander (aliens vs Vikings!!!) which maybe straight to DVD and The Mutant Chronicles... CLASS!

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

Yet another visit to the cinema... this time to see Hellboy 2. Ron Perlman is the coollest actor in existence and captures the essence of Hellboy completely. The film however is completely barking mad and unfortunately the baddies are pretty limp. Best to see on DVD I reckon but it is a good bit of entertainment.

Rating: 7 / 10


Now the Olympics are coming to a close, I have beening wondering why Phelps is regarded as the greatest Olympian as he has won the most gold medals. It strikes me that a swimmer has an unfair advantage over other competitors in that they can enter several different race lengths and have the chance of winning a lot more medals. The same goes for cycling. Conversely a boxer for instance is only going to have a chance at winning one gold medal as he is working to a weight restriction. A pole vaulter likewise only has one event to win at. Therefore it is completely unfair to consider Michael Phelps the greatest Olympian... besides he is American.

Rant over.

Petrol Prices

Okay. So energy prices have increased quite a bit over the last few months - however what happened today was taking the p*ss! We were coming back from Cornwall and I had to pull in at a service station along the M5. Of course being a captive market on a motorway I had to pay a whopping £1.20 per litre. I filled the car. I went into the shop and paid. I went back to the car and we left. As we pulled out of the petrol station the outside price display board literally changed in front of me and was decreased to £1.18 per litre. If I had been 5 minutes later I would have paid 54p less. Thieving, greedy moneygrabbing b*stards...

Rant over.

Answer Phone Messages

What I find amazing are the amount of wrong number answer phone messages we get. "Hi you're through to M and N's voicemail please leave your message after the tone - beeeeep... "Hello I'm calling to make an appointment for an eye test" or "Good morning, I'm phoning on behalf of Paula as she cannot come in today" - Don't they sodding well listen to the message? Bloody retards.

Rant over.

Neighbours II

Today the bald headed shortwearing w*nker next door had his equally obnoxious vile family around for a barbecue. Before the rain started I tried to sneak a photo from the spare room window - which was a bit risky as I did run the risk of being caught. Fortunately I didn't, but then I didn't get a very good photo. If I had you would have seen the flabby jowel faced fat scum van driver son / son-in-law (not sure which) sitting there feeding the repulsive hole in the middle of its fat face with a hamburger. Seated next to him was his shaven headed brethren and his obese troll-like wife, who continuously visit and block the access to our driveway. Baldy wasn't within my line of sight however I could hear him speaking... which is usually the case as Baldy's voice permeates all walls no matter how thick. I despise these people so much it is difficult to explain. They are what I detest about British people. Oh and just to put the final nail in the coffin one of the offspring drives an '03 BMW 3-series convertible. Sums it up really.

Rant over.

The Antique Roadshow

My last posting got me thinking about another TV programme - The Antiques Roadshow can sometimes be quite interesting. I like the way the experts give their analysis of some old codgers heirloom, marvelling at the quality. The codger sits there saying "really... yes it is exquisite" secretly pleading for the expert to announce their valuation - and then the bit I love the expert says "As for what it is worth... I would say in the region of hmmm... 20p!!!" Yes yes yes... I love the look of disappointment on the codgers face when they discover their treasure is worth sod all. Ha ha. Tough luck codger!

Rant over.

Cash in The Attic

I really don't understand how people can auction off family items that have been treasured for years... "Yes this has been in our family for 80 years - my grandmother gave it to my mother who passed it onto me... now I'm gonna sell it so as I can go on a two week holiday to Disney World" eh??? I could never sell something that I've had for years. Perhaps I'm a horder - okay I know I'm definitely a horder but no way would I do that. To make matters worse the items these people usually sell go for about £2.50!

Rant over.