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Countdown to No. 1

Watch this blog for the No. 1 on my Hate List... in the meantime here is a re-cap:

No. 2 - Roman Abramovich
No. 3 - Bin Men
No. 4 - Noel Edmonds
No. 5 - Tom Jones
No. 6 - Sir Philip Green
No. 7 - Jay Kay
No. 8 - Dame Judi Dench
No. 9 - Shane Warne
No. 10 - BMW Drivers

Postal Strike

Can't help thinking that the postal workers are doomed... only a matter of time now before they are demolished and the Royal Mail itself is wiped out by opposition. Unfortunately you only have to be a semi-trained monkey to deliver letters... and monkey means cheap... and cheap means exploited. They're f*cked!

Boring Brown

I couldn't help but think yesterday how incredibly boring Gordon Brown is. The Labour Party have made a massive mistake in having him as prime minister. Everything about him is tedious... it just underlines how EVERYTHING these days is about image and not about substance. I suspect Brown will cost his party the next general election because people will just yawn and go to sleep.

The Tower

I watched a very interesting programme the other night called "The Tower". It covers a five year period during which time Aragon Towers is refurbished into luxury appartments and renamed Z-Appartments (or some such daft name). However it is not really about the building but more about the people that live around it and the one guy who still lived in it (until he managed to sell it to the council for a reasonable rate and not the crap price they originally offered). I won't go into it in any detail but it is really worth watching as it shows real people whose lives have been or are still in utter turmoil.

Thought provoking!

Die Hard 4.0

Just read a review of Bruce's latest... Die Hard 4.0.

I think my sister-in-law maybe disappointed, however I'm sure she will still go and see it?


Russell Brand

This prat is so incredibly unfunny and utterly vile it simply beggars belief that his career flourishes. Everytime I see him I have to change channels. Another example of talentless scum rising to the top.

Rant over

Sam Tyler goes BAD!!!

The Master

Doctor Who was excellent tonight... John Simm was great hamming it up as The Master. Bit of a Captain Scarlet rip off though with the Cloudbase flying aircraft carrier. Good to see them filling in some background detail on Gallifrey. Looking forward to next weeks final episode.

Face Book

We have been fiddling around with Face Book ( tonight - mainly because R has discovered it and made me a "friend". It's quite clever - but one thing that hits me about it... is it is FREE! Where is the catch? I suppose they make money from advertising but I'm impressed that they don't charge you for it.

Vanessa Feltz

This woman should be taken to a place of execution and...

Mad Cycling Woman

Every weekday morning I drive N to WGC railway station and every weekday morning we pass Mad Cycling Woman. Head down slogging her way uphill along Digswell Road - destination unknown... After dropping N off I head back and guess what? - Mad Cycling Woman is heading back downhill along Digswell Road. I wondered if she had bought a newspaper - but No! There is no sign of a paper and she doesn't go near any shops. She isn't on a racing bike (looks more like a crappy shopping bike) and she certainly isn't dressed as if she is in training. Nope she is clearly insane!!!

Mrs Rushdie!!! (Padma Lakshmi)

American Gothic gets Fast and Furious

Just been watching bits of "The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift" and recognised that the lead character was the kid Caleb in American Gothic.

Small Van Drivers

Drivers who are small? Drivers of small vans? Drivers who are both small and drive small vans? Actually the latter of these three is what I'm referring too. I have noticed that wherever you happen to drive in Welwyn Garden City it is virtually impossible to not encounter a Bennets Autoparts van coming out of a side road... and they are always driven by some elderly midget. Also the earlier you go out in the morning the more likely you are to be tailgated by some middle-aged bloke with short grey hair in a 2nd generation Mondeo... it is quite peculiar. Even more bizarre is that there is more than a reasonable chance that you will also be blockaded by an empty Master Travel coach... always empty! I have never noticed even a solitary passenger on a Master Travel coach and their vehicles constantly orbit The Mundells or are parked in some layby in WGC. Bit like the film "Duel".

Lewis does it again!

The other drivers must be lining up to get Hamilton... he really must be the most hated man in F1 (as far as the other drivers are concerned). Do you see Button on the telly now? No you don't. Goodbye Jenson - I bet your exgirlfriend who you dumped a couple of years back is laughing her socks off... Oh and take your dad with you!

This is going to rock!!!!

More on Thundercats

Thundercats Series 1 is available to buy for £25 in HMV. Had to say that so the pic of Rushdie wasn't the first thing you saw on my blog...

Sir Salman


Glad to see Mr David Beckham is still Mr David Beckham and therefore his obnoxious wife is still not Lady Beckham... ha ha... tough luck Posh.

I can remember years ago being held up in a traffic jam because of s*ddin' Beefy Botham being on one of his charity walks... so he can get stuffed.

And Salman Rushdie... why should he get a Knighthood? He has written a handful of books, his best effort being written in the early 1980's. All this bloke does is seriously wind people up and cost the taxpayer zillions in protection. Bog off Rushdie.

Rant over.

Return of The Master

John Simm is The Master!... Superb!! The last few minutes of tonight's Doctor Who were excellent, especially the sequence where Derek Jacobi regenerates into John Simm. I'm certainly looking forward to next weeks episode. The Master in the guise of Mr Saxon looks like he is Britain's new Primeminister and so I've read a new Time Lord Empire is upon us! On a separate note my learned friend in Scotland (who coincidently is also a Doctor) will be horrified to know that his favourite actor, John Barrowman returns as Captain Jack Harkness.

My left foot has more charisma...

The Expressionless Patsy Kensit

I suppose to the avid reader of my blog one would naturally form the opinion that I am highly critical of so called actresses... well still keeping on that theme I've just been casually observing Holby City and can't help noticing how utterly bland Patsy Kensit is. I first noticed this characterless woman on the ludicrous Emmerdale and came to the conclusion that she is only capable of one expression. Her face shows no animation whatsoever. So why the hell is she given parts on TV? Bizzare!

Rant over.


Who the hell is Rowland Rivron?

... actually I do know who this retard is. What I don't know is what he is good at, because everything I've seen this completely unfunny prat do is just that - completely unfunny. And yet he still appears to be gainfully employed presenting TV programmes or being a panellist on something or other. Sod off Rivron!

Rant over.

British Hero!

Lewis Hamilton

This guy is going to be the greatest British F1 driver of all time... and also the most hated by his fellow drivers. His brilliance is going to make them seethe. When you think about it - some young guy who is only 22 comes along - manages to get a drive for McLaren at exactly the right time when they are doing really well and in his first few races gets podium finishes and then wins his first Grand Prix in his rookie year and leads the World Championship. I bet Jenson Button is sticking pins in a doll of Hamilton. Ha ha tough luck Jenson!!!


Paris Hilton

This common tart knows how to play the media... so very very VERY depressing.

Rant over.

Thundercats - Brilliant!

"Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight!"

I was reading on AICN (one of my favourite websites) that a live action Thundercats film is being considered... which sounds an excellent idea to me. It's amazing the powerful effect of nostalgia even for an 80's cartoon series. Anyway it did have an excellent logo / emblem... unlike the London Olympics!!


Appalling Keira Knightly

Pirates of The Carribean: At World's End

Oh dear!... I must say I was rather disappointed. The plot was incomprehensible, the dialogue was weak, Keira Knightly and Orlando Bloom were appalling. On the positive side Depp, Rush and Nighy were excellent but you would naturally expect that from top class actors... but even they were hamstrung by the plotline. The brilliant effects did little to stop me from willing the film to end. Very disappointing.

Rating: 5/10


I cannot believe the programme I have just been watching!!! Cheaters - which is broadcast on Living 2. Basically what happens is an individual who believes their partner is cheating on them requests the programme makers to investigate... they then follow the cheater and get evidence against them, this involves bugging phones etc. Once enough evidence is gathered they then confront the cheater in a really embarrassing situation and the programme's presenter, some obnoxious scumbag called Joey Greco, has a pop at the cheater and really trys to goad them. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Television at its absolute lowest. Personally I would love to see someone smash Greco's face in!!! Good grief!

Rant over.