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Today was the longest day of the year and it was also Father's Day. So to celebrate we had lunch at the OXO Brasserie situated along the South Bank near to the National Theatre.

I must admit I was expecting something pretentious, but in fact it was far from it. The staff were courteous, quick and efficient and the food was excellent. I was expecting small portions but was delighted to discover that they were more than generous. In fact I felt completely stuffed by the end of it. We had the steak which at £30 sounded expensive but was actually great value when you considered the quality and where you were eating it.

Would I go back?

I most certainly would!

We had parked our car at London Zoo and taken a leisurely stroll through Regents Park. Then took the tube to Embankment. It was also the first time we had paid for a train ticket contactlessly with a debit card so I hope to god that the correct amount has been debited. Most disconcerting!

A great day out... Rating: 10/10