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Trivago... another highly original parasitic price comparison site! This time for comparing other online travel websites - where will it all end? But as for the TV advert... what is all that about?? Attractive woman pays over the odds for a holiday. Ugly fat b*st*rd (see photo above) books through Trivago and gets the same holiday cheaper. So it implies that only ugly fat b*st*rds use Trivago. Brainless!

Rant over.


I've been meaning to watch Ironclad for ages and a couple of Fridays back I managed to do so. The film basically concerns a group of men led by Brian Cox defending Rochester Castle from the evil King John and his army. James Purefoy plays an ultra-violent Templar who wields a massive two-handed sword, the skinny bloke from The Office is an expert archer and Derek Branning from EastEnders is a rather bad tempered thug with a penchent for chopping peoples arms off and beating them to death with their own severed limb!

Yes... the film is violent. Very violent. In the fight scenes you see Purefoy slice someone straight down the middle vertically and Brian Cox has his hands and feet lopped off at the orders of King John somewhere near the end.

There are some quite impressive sequences involving siege engines and trebuchet - but what disappointed me was that the acting could have been better... especially considering the talent involved. Having said all that I did enjoy it even if it did end a trifle predictably.

Rating: 8/10.

Natalie Imbruglia

Honestly... who the f*ck is this non-entity? A one hit wonder (and the song was a cover), who has been dragging on for years lurking in the background but clearly still soaking up the cash.

Apparently she has put her house up for rent along the River Thames in Windsor... for a paltry £6,000 per month.


Rant over.

Nice fat cheque for Bono

I read in last weekend's Sunday Times that U2 lead singer Bono (stupid name - reminds me of dog food)... is likely to receive an enormous cheque for $1 billion because he owns 0.0000000001% of Facebook. Apparently he invested $90 million a few years back (where do they get these astronomic sums?) in the social networking site and because the company is now being floated on the stock exchange he is going to receive an enormous pay out.

On a separate point but still to do with Facebook, I also read that Zuckerberg's company has an elaborate procedure for paying tax (or not paying it)... by channelling everything through Ireland and the Cayman Islands.

Greedy b*st*rds!

Rant over.

Karl Lagerfeld


Rant over.

Off The Cuff Rant No.10

When it snows why does the man of the house deem it necessary to get out his shovel and clear the path in front of his house... only to find that his cleared path ends at a snow covered pavement. Pointless.

Rant over.

Ice cubes...

Now... I must admit, I am partial to the odd gin and tonic and Wispa bar - especially on a Friday evening (I find it rounds off the week).

But what really p*sses me off is when I'm making the gin and tonic and it comes to putting the ice in. Always and I repeat ALWAYS... I bang the ice cube tray on the back and cubes at the wrong end of the tray always fall out onto the kitchen work top or the floor. Never into the glass! NEVER!!

Rant over.