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Fred "The Shred"... F*cked

So at long last the b*st*rd who was responsible for so much misery heaped upon so many people has had his knighthood stripped away... and about bloody time too. Quite why the f*cker was given a knighthood in the first place puzzles me. Again it is services to his own pocket!

It would be great to see a few others knocked down a peg or two.

On thinking about it - why are so many senior bankers or company bosses given knighthoods in the first place? What is the criteria?

Rant over.

RBS boss receives whopping bonus...

Okay... so fat cat Stephen Hester is to receive a bonus of £963,000 in shares for doing such a good job at the 80% publicly owned Royal Bank of Scotland. Understandably the majority of people are disgusted that such a large sum has been awarded, especially after he has made so many RBS employees redundant and the bank's share price has slumped.

What I found particularly obscene was the fact that Hester earns more in 3 days than what a soldier in the British Army earns in a year.

But when you think about it... how are you going to employ anyone to do the job for a lot less? Apparently Hester could have earned a hell of a lot more than what he is getting at RBS elsewhere. It is a catch 22 situation... unless there is a fundamental change to the pay of all senior execs - I can't see anything happening. It can't happen. And that is pretty depressing...

Rant over.

Afternoon tea at Luton Hoo

For the last two years N and I have had afternoon tea on or around Valentines Day... this year as N's mum was over we decided to have afternoon tea earlier and as we now have two new editions in the form of our twin daughters little "n" and little "p" also closer. Hence Luton Hoo.

I had heard of Luton Hoo but didn't know anything about it... so it came as a pleasant surprise to discover it is a rather large and majestic hotel near to Luton (surprise surprise). After a walk pushing the pram from the carpark to the main entrance we were shown to a very comfortable dining / lounge area.

We placed our orders and settled back for a relaxing afternoon. The quality was very good but still inferior to Claridges and the Regency Hyatt... and much to our annoyance if you wanted a sandwich replenishment it cost you another £6 each - which I thought was a bit much. Mind you consequently I didn't feel as stuffed as I had the last two times.

All in all I would recommend afternoon tea at Luton Hoo but if you want the very best you are better to face the trek into London.

Rating: 7.5/10

Off The Cuff Rant No.9

Just watched a few excerpts from the National Television Awards. What an utterly pointless load of drivel that is. Each year the same programmes take it in turns to be presented with the same awards. Oh look... Ant & Sodding Dec have won the best presenter category, what a bloody surprise eh? Oh... and who do they say they idolise? The terminally unfunny and ridiculously overated old codger Sir (services to his own pocket) Bruce Forsyth.

Absolute rubbish.

Rant over.

£130,000 payout to Jude Law because his phone was hacked...

"Jude Law and Lord Prescott are among the latest people given payouts over phone hacking by the News of the World. Actor Law received £130,000 ($200,000) and his ex-wife Sadie Frost £50,000. The ex-deputy PM got £40,000, the High Court was told." -- BBC News website.

So let me get this right... because Jude Law had his voicemail illegally listened to by the News of The World - he ends up being awarded £130,000 compensation. Similarly that fat slug, John Prescott received £40,000. Now I realise it is against the law and it is an invasion of someones' privacy... BUT £130,000... that is f*cking ludicrous. Just because he is vaguely famous. Mental.

Rant over.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Hmmm... might go and see this!

Call for sheep shearing to be an Olympic sport

"A New Zealand farming lobby group has said sheep shearing has the potential to become an Olympic demonstration sport and the time had come to elevate its sporting status to the "ultimate world stage".
The country produces some of the world's best shearers and its national championship, the Golden Shears, receives substantial local media coverage. New Zealand Federated Farmers said the world's top shearers were "athletes who take it to another level"." -- MSN Odd News

Is this because it is the only event New Zealand stands a chance of winning any medals at? Ridiculous.

Rant over.

The rise and rise of Wendy Hurrell... whoever she is?

Recently I have noticed the stealthy and insidious advancement of the ultra bland Wendy Hurrell on BBC1. First of all she always seemed to be presenting the weather forecast on the 1pm news… now I’ve noticed her reporting her own news stories (one about not drinking over the Christmas period). Checking out her own personal website you can see where she is intending to go. I reckon Wendy will do anything to get her face on the telly. Bare naked ambition to get your face everywhere…

The steady march of mediocrity continues!

Rant over.

Tesco astronomic profits... or lack of

It amazes me, especially under the current dismal financial climate, that a business can be considered to have failed if it hasn't made a colossal profit. Surely any kind of profit would be a relief. And then the share price takes a dive. But then again Tesco is an arrogant company and anything short of total domination is disappointing for them.

Of course there was also the highly suspicious news concerning one of their senior managers who had conveniently flogged a load of shares just ahead of the announcement of their crap performance. Of course he claimed it was a coincidence... YEAH RIGHT!

Rant over.

Small print on the radio...

I'll tell you what I find utterly pointless... the terms and conditions they read out on radio adverts. You know the sort of thing - eg. the small print on finance for a car... except they read it out at a million miles an hour desperately trying to cram it in, in as few seconds as possible. What is the point? Actually I suspect it is a legal obligation.

Rant over.

"Ready, steady... CROOK!"

Well that's the end of him then!

'My dreams have evaporated': Sharron Davies weeps after council approves 63-bed care home at the bottom of the garden of her £1.1m country house

"Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies broke down in tears today after losing a planning battle to stop councillors approving a huge care home at the bottom of her garden.

Former TV Gladiator Ms Davies moved into her dream £1.1 million, Grade-II listed mansion with her family just before Christmas.

But now the athlete, 49, and her neighbours have been left devastated following a council meeting which ruled that a multi-million pound unit could be built next to her land.

Mother-of-three Sharron has vowed to fight the case 'tooth and nail' and has consulted her barrister about challenging the councillors' decision through law.

She wept: 'I am very upset and disappointed by the decision. The whole thing has been snuck under the radar and it is so unfair.

'People think that because you are in the public eye you are loaded - but that is just not true. I could not afford to lose my deposit when I found out about it.

'I am a hard working single mum who has bought this beautiful family home in this lovely place - but that dream has now evaporated"-- Daily Mail website

I've ranted before about this woman (last year sometime)... and to be honest I couldn't give a sh*t whether her grievance is reasonable or selfish - it is just the bit that jumps out at me is "her dream £1.1 million, Grade-II listed mansion"

All that for coming second in a swimming race years ago!!!

Rant over.

Simon Cowell Calendar?

Strolling through our local shopping centre, I couldn't help but notice on a stall that was selling calendars it was possible to buy a Simon Cowell 2012 Calendar.

All I can say is... what sad f*ck would buy one? Eh? Jeezus H Christ - sad or what?

Rant over.