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Red Ed's energy price freeze

I love the response from Centrica's boss to Milliband's gas and electricity price freeze policy. What was it the prick said? Oh words to the effect that the industry will be starved of investment for much needed improvements and that the country could face blackouts. Hang on a minute! Apparently gas and electricity prices have increased by 39% and 17.5% respectively since 2007 so why the hell have the b*st*rd energy companies not done anything to invest in the last 7 years? Well I think we know the answer to that question? Line their own pockets maybe? After all they are running a cartel and really do not give a f*ck about their captive customers.

Rant over.

Forever the underdog...

And another thing that gets on my bloody wick is these Scottish tourism adverts with the Braveheart music. What the hell is all that about? It feels like a subliminal message about the coming vote on independence... FREEDOM!!!

B*ll*cks more like!

Rant over.

Mango Chutney

I must have mango chutney with my favourite chicken tikka masala but why is it every time I go to get the jar out of the fridge I always find there is only a scraping at the bottom? EVERY BLOODY TIME!!!

Rant over.

Peppa Pig World

A couple of weeks ago we took the girls on a trip to Peppa Pig World which is situated down near Southampton. And I must say we all thoroughly enjoyed it. The whole experience is perfectly geared towards pre-school children with about eight or nine rides suitable for children of all ages. As we were there during the week and most older children had returned to school we didn't have to wait long to get on any of the attractions. My only criticisms would be the cost of a sandwich and a packet of crisps and the continuous repetition of the Peppa Pig theme tune over the PA system.

We sensibly decided to stay over night at a hotel rather than return the same day however we were astonished at the number of people who had checked in as the place was heaving... all elderly of course!

Rating: 9/10

Pointless remakes...

I watched the trailer to the new rebooted Robocop film just now... and I thought to myself "What is the bloody point?"

The original is a superb cult classic that can't really be bettered and this looked: PATHETIC!

Please can someone come up with something new?

Rant over.

Iron Man 3

I must say I was pretty disappointed with this lazy effort of a sequel. The only saving grace was the charisma of Robert Downey Jr... but even that is beginning to wear thin. Most of the characters were rubbish including a completely underused Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin except of course he wasn't what he seemed which screws up the fact that he is a major villain in the comic book. Not good. Guy Pearce was completely underwhelming and Gwyneth Paltrow irritates the hell out of me.


What Remains

Just watched the concluding episode of What Remains and what started as an intriguing slow burn whodunit degenerated into an over the top kill fest. All the characters turned out to be bat sh*t crazy and the last 10 minutes ended up with everybody killing each other. Apart from the alcoholic journalist's nutcase son whose subplot evaporated.

I knew that bow and arrow would play a part though.


Rating: 9/10 to begin with dropping to 6/10 at the very end.


Or to be exact those highly annoying micro thin plastic bags you put them in along with other sorts of fruit in supermarkets. Firstly whenever you try to pull one off the roll alongside you always manage to pull off about twenty five instead and secondly you stand there for about six months trying to open the bloody thing! Rubbish.

Rant over.

Carol somebody...

Okay I admit it... and I blame N for making me watch it - but I've been viewing snippets of "Celebrity" Big Brother every now again and I was stunned to discover that the ugly bat in the photo below who is yet another talentless nonentity who sarcastically co-hosts Loose Women was once married to the mega rich ginger haired dickhead Chris Evans.

Was Evans drunk when he proposed? Because she looks well and truly as if she has been whacked by the ugly stick. My god the woman is repulsive in every way!

And to think he was married to Billie Piper... afterwards!

Rant over.

How much?

Soooo... tax avoiding Vodafone is selling its 45% stake in US telecoms company Verizon for a whopping £84 billion - which is bigger than the GDP of Hungary! Which beggars the question... how the f*ck can a phone company be worth more than a country? Utterly ridiculous. And the greedy tw*t in charge said once again the UK government won't get a penny in tax and that most of the windfall will go to the shareholders. But what about the tax rebate they received on the 4G bid. Can't we have that back?

Rant over.