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Review of Day of The Doctor

I must admit I was getting really excited during the lead up to watching this... so much so it was annoying the hell out of N. Ever since the end of the last episode where John Hurt was revealed to be a previously unknown and forgotten “War” Doctor I was mightily intrigued to see what was going to happen.

Well last Saturday we finally got to see if the reality lived up to the hype and if I am brutally honest I felt a little bit underwhelmed.

What was good was the dynamic between the three Doctors... although I have to admit I do prefer David Tennant's incarnation as compared to Matt Smith's. John Hurt was great chastising his successors and he brought a dishevelled weariness to the role. The brief scenes of the Daleks attacking Gallifrey were very Terminatoresque and were of exceptional quality, unfortunately there wasn't enough of them.

However the actress portraying Queen Elizabeth I was rubbish and there was no chemistry between her and David Tennant. Jenna Coleman as Clara was her usual know all character which I find irritating. There was a neat way of shoehorning Billie Piper into the plot by making her the interface with the bomb.

But what was great was getting to see Tom Baker again after so many years, his distinctive voice being heard before his actual appearance. Fabulous. And lastly getting a glimpse of Peter Capaldi.

Great stuff but maybe could have been better.

Rating: 8/10

Wendy Hurrell vs Lucy Verasamy... Battle of The Weather Girls!

Battle of the weather girls... I know which one I prefer and it isn't roll-your-eyes Wendy!

Anyway I thought I would put it to the vote (if anyone cares to bother). Look over to the top right corner!

This is going to be good... I hope!

I must say I am really looking forward to this Saturday's Day of The Doctor.

And I'm sure there are going to be some surprising twists. We've had a taster with the six minute minisode starring 8th Doctor Paul McGann - so I might stick my neck out and say we will see all the surviving Doctors as well as the Peter Capaldi regeneration.

No doubt I am completely wrong!

"2nd rate economy"

I am sick to bloody death on critics saying "if a third runway isn't built" or "if a high speed rail link isn't constructed" or something else isn't done... then Britain will become a second rate economy.

Maybe it is true (in fact I'm sure it would be true in a lot of cases)... but it is boringly predictable that some f*cker has to say it again and again!

Nope we won't do this project. WHOOSH!!! London instantly loses out to Frankfurt (for example). Rubbish.

Rant over.

Glasgow 2014: G4S given stewarding role at Commonwealth Games

"A security firm which admitted its handling of the London Olympics was a "humiliating shambles" is to provide stewarding at the Commonwealth Games.
G4S is one of 19 companies enlisted by organisers Glasgow 2014 to help police at the event.
The firms will provide stewarding and security at the games venues and other sites, such as the athletes village.
G4S paid £70m in compensation to the London games organising committee which used soldiers to plug security gaps.
G4S came under severe criticism ahead of the 2012 Olympics, when it emerged that it had failed to recruit and train enough of the guards it had promised for the event." -- BBC News website
You have got to be kidding!! What retarded f*ckwit decided to give these pricks the contract. I give up!!!
Rant over

When Hannah Montana goes bad...

Is it a backlash against her former alter ego? A rebellion to being squeaky clean?

B*ll*cks is it...

It's just some cynical corporate marketing campaign to eke more Mileyage out of Ms Cyrus.

And I wish she would stop sticking her tongue out!

Rant over.

Go on Amazon... wipe out businesses that deserve to be wiped out

I have absolutely nothing against bricks and mortar shops - they certainly don't deserve to be crushed by Amazon.

It is terrible seeing town centres being systematically and cynically destroyed by the Internet giant which made me think... why can't they obliterate low life scum like estate agents or plumbers?

It would be nice to see a few less slimey 3 series sales men or shaven headed Essex types "who did that pipework mate?"

Go on Amazon set up an estate agents and a plumbing division. Deliberately operate at a loss and drive the f*ckers out of business!

Rant over.

Kickstart Morph

Nice to see Aardman Animations asking for donations via Kickstarter to make twenty brand new one minute episodes of Morph.

Even though they have received critical acclaim all over the world for their stop motion animated films and surely must have made a shedload of cash they still resort to scrounging £75,000 off of the public rather than put their hands in their own pockets!

Tight fisted b*st*rds.

Also how can it cost so much to move a plasticene man a small amount take a photo and then do it again a few thousand times? Total b*ll*cks.

Rant over.

Helen Flanagan: "I'm not a talentless bimbo..."

Errr... Yes you are.

You can clearly see there is nothing behind the eyes. Helen Flanagan is undoubtedly the thickest person in Britain.

Rant over.