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Sucker Punch

Zack Snyder's latest is out in March... Sucker Punch... I watched the trailer online the other day and it looks WEIRD. Scantily clad girls in a WWI setting with a mixture of hi tech equipment and a dragon!!

I am intrigued.

The Social Network

We watched this latest outing from the director David Fincher last night on DVD courtesy of Blockbuster... and it actually turned out better than anticipated. I'm not too sure how accurate the various participants were portrayed but assuming they were even half way there all I can is - what a bunch of moneygrabbing w*nkers who think nothing of stabbing each other in the back and ironically have no social skills whatsoever. To be honest Zuckerberg comes over as a complete prick and Parker of Napster fame (played by Justin Timberlake) an odious untrustworthy slimeball.

Anyway after all that - it is well worth watching and I would recommend it.

Rating: 7/10

The Brigadier has passed away...

I was very sad to read that Nicholas Courtney who was best known for playing Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart from Doctor Who has died. He was the ideal foil for The Doctor and was an iconic part of Whovian mythos.

It is not everyone that can sell lines such as the famous “Chap with wings, five rounds rapid” while wearing a false moustache and facing a BBC stuntman in a grey leotard with false wings and a gargoyle mask but the late Nicholas Courtney could.

Libyan evacuation embarrassment

I find it incredible that the UK has struggled to find just one plane to rescue its citizens trapped in Libya. What the hell is that useless slaphead tw*t Hague up to? I love the interview with the bloke who said that the British embassy told them getting out of the country was their problem... probably said that because a shedload of redundancies have been announced at the Foreign Office.

Rant over.

Libyan money at the LSE

Using my phone to post rants to my blog is quite handy although because it is a trifle fiddly it means they're a bit shorter than normal... Anyway I digress... what I wanted to say was what a load of b*ll*cks the London School of Economics trotted out about the donation they received from Qaddafi jr. They couldn't have given a sh*t where the money came from - they are just upset they were caught out.

Rant over.

Blue Bloods

We watched episode 2 last night of Blue Bloods which is being shown on Sky Atlantic. Not sure if we will carry on though. It's okay but the storyline was a bit weak. Donnie Walhberg is probably the best character... the rest are rather two dimensional including Tom Selleck. Will see how it goes.

Sunday Lunch

2011 is rapidly turning into a year all about MO... and today was no exception as it was his 37th birthday. N and I met up with him along with NS, TS and little cs at the Coy Carp pub and restaurant in Harefield. After some suspicious sceptism from the waitress at the legitimacy of our freebie wine vouchers we settled down to a very pleasant Sunday lunch. I couldn't fault my meal at all - the only issue we had was that the service was rather slow. Once we had finished dessert and had a coffee we helped MO to the car and took him back home.

Overall a highly enjoyable day

The Girl with The Perfect Smile

What's all that about? What has some girl with pearly white gnashers who has to eliminate some saddo bloke each week who has been trying to impress her... got to do with "Dancing on Ice"??

Babylon AD

I like Vin Diesel and to be honest I liked the look and feel of the beginning of this film. If it had stayed with the gloomy ultra violent Eastern European slant it would have been great... but what it degenerated into was a farce - and what the hell was going on at the end completely escaped me. Disappointing.

MO's Leg (Part 4)

More from MO...

It seems my injury left me at war with the NHS, so even though I ruptured my Achilles tendon on the 22nd of January, had a planned operation on the 10th of February ( which was cancelled) I finally got operated on the 15th of February.

I was bricking it, but I told myself to be strong and have faith (in me, definitely not the NHS). It took roughly 2 hours to get my leg fixed and put back into a cast. As much as I was relieved the operation went well and everything was ok, I felt a tinge of sadness. Was this the end of all the attention I was getting? Would I still be able to get my friends and family to do my bidding without even having to ask twice? This needed much consideration...

So I have a recovery of about 6 weeks, and I will need to make the most of it – it will never be the same after this! The strategy will be to always say “I am coping “but never am “I fine“. It’s my birthday in a few days time and I bet I will get an extra-special gift because of my leg. It makes sense doesn’t it?

So look out for the cheesiest face book/twitter updates.

Quote of the day, “I didn’t know my own strength”- a Whitney Houston song speaking about overcoming struggles in your life... how apt he he

So our suspicions are confirmed... It's all an act!

Spending watchdog boss takes £464 chauffeur-driven Mercedes to meeting... on how to SAVE money

The head of a Government spending watchdog paid out £464 for a chauffeur-driven Mercedes to take him to a conference on ... saving public money. Anthony Snow ordered the limo for the 290-mile journey for a meeting with auditors from around Britain to check on how taxpayer’s cash is spent.

Mr Snow claimed the £464 expenses as chief operating officer for the Wales Audit Office where his job was to check on how £20billion is used. The 51-year-old civil servant was able to 'self-authorise' his expenses claim for the chauffered car for the luxury trip. He got in the vehicle in Asaph, North Wales, to travel in style to the auditor’s public spending meeting in Poole, Dorset.

The conference was called 'More For Less - Meeting The Challenges Of A Changed Environment' for top Government auditors from across Britain.

Mr Snow was the £107,000-a-year top official at the watchdog responsible for making sure the Cardiff-based Welsh Assembly spends taxpayers’ money wisely. -- Daily Mail website

The article goes onto say that he has since left his job and is being given a big payout.

GIVE ME STRENGTH... it goes on and on and on. How do you get a job like that? What does the advert say?? Greedy bent f*ckers who know how to thrust their snouts in the trough need only apply. Again I have to say it - couldn't you just smash the w*nker's face in!

Rant over.

Afternoon Tea at Claridges

After the success of last year's Valentine's afternoon tea at The Churchill Restaurant in The Regency Hyatt Hotel, we decided to repeat the experience this time at Claridges.

We arrived about 15 minutes early and was shown to our table... it was very tempting to select the special Valentine's afternoon tea which included a glass of champagne but after some deliberation we decided on the normal menu. Exquisite finger sandwiches with various fillings followed by scones with cream and jam rounded off with some very rich but delicate cakes and all washed down with about 10 cups of Winter tea. Superb!

N noticed at the table adjacent to us was seated Guy Ritchie... I resisted the temptation to go over and ask him how Sherlock Holmes 2 was going - but this didn't stop a couple of other people who went and asked for a photo to be taken with another celeb who we hadn't noticed was seated at another nearby table - none other than Ron Weasley himself aka Rupert Grint.

I would recommend Claridges but what I would say is that last years experience at The Churchill was a tad superior in quality and service.

Maybe The Ritz next year...

Mobile Ranting

Now I have an Android phone I can now do a bit of mobile ranting whilst on the move courtesy of the Blogger app... Watch this space!

Motorcycle Instructors

I have absolutely nothing against people wishing to learn to ride a motorcycle... however I hold everything against the f*ckers that teach them.

How many times have you been innocently driving along in your car and you catch up with a group of motorcycle learners travelling along at 15mph spread out across the road with a tw*t instructor in full reflective regalia following along behind them. You get within a half mile of them and the pr*ck at the rear holds his hand up to stop you getting close or even consider overtaking.

What f*cking right has the w*nker got to control traffic. AND to make matters worse as soon as the learners have passed their tests the tossers hurtle off at 200mph and cut you up! B*st*rds.

Rant over.

Coleen Nolan: "I'm sick of feeling I should disappear from TV because I'm not size 8."

No Coleen... you should disappear from TV because you are a talentless nobody who is paid a fortune for talking sh*te on some daytime programme.

Rant over.

Captain America Teaser Poster

I must admit... I'm really looking forward to seeing this film, along with Thor of course. You can't beat a bit of superhero action!