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FFW... REW...

You're speeding through the adverts and you over shoot straight into the next part of the programme... hit rewind and you're watching bloody meerkats again!

Every soddin' time!!

Rant over.

Wallace from Humf

With two very young children I have been exposed to my fair share of kids TV... and without a doubt Wallace from Humf is (to quote from the film Predator)... "One ugly mother f*cker!!!"

Rant over.

True Detective

I finally watched the last episode of True Detective the other night and I must say I thought it was a truly magnificent series. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson gave stellar performances in the two lead roles with my only criticism being McConaughey's accent being so strong it was difficult understanding him at times. Maybe some of the episodes were a bit drawn out but it made it a delight to watch two masterful performances.


Rating: 9.5/10

Who is she?

It makes me laugh... why are these idiot Australian retards in total awe of a woman who is the daughter of a couple who started up a skanky website that sells tat?

Rant over.

I believe you Kylie!

Soooo... Kylie Minogue has announced that she will not be returning as a judge next year on The Voice because she has touring commitments or some such excuse.

Yeah right... Rats leaving the sinking ship more like!!!

Rant over

Wind up TV

Gypsies on Benefits and Proud of it... a programme that will compel you to vote UKIP even if you were a devout Liberal in an earlier life.

You can't help thinking that the bods at Channel 5 sat down at a meeting and discussed - let's see how we can massively piss off people. I know let's make a programme about skanky lowlifes arriving in the UK from the arsehole of Europe... ie. Romania and claiming thousands in benefits.

I'm sure Nigel Farage is laughing his head off!

Rant over.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

What a difference from the last Marvel film I watched (Thor: The Dark World).

This second Captain America film is vastly superior in every way. The acting and the story are significantly better (maybe with the exception of the formulaic climax) and it has a startling conclusion that brings into serious doubt the future of Shield.

Chris Evans and Samuel L Jackson give sterling performances as Steve Rogers and Nick Fury respectively but it is Robert Redford who portrays Secretary Pierce who steals the show as the chief villain and he does it without hamming it up!

The secret of The Winter Soldier is eventually revealed and will definitely play a major part of Captain America 3.

Great stuff!

Rating: 8/10