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Tour de France vs Masterchef...

I was listening to the news the other day on one of the BBC radio stations and I couldn't believe it when they followed up a report on the sheer brilliance of Chris Froome winning the Tour de France for the second time with a report on whoever it was who had won Celebrity Masterchef... Like the two are comparable achievements!!! Ridiculous...

Rant over.

John Bercow MP

Why would anyone vote for this tw*t?

Frequently in the news for no good reasons, this money grabbing Tory turd has now been revealed as having claimed over £31,000 in expenses - including hundreds of pounds in very short car journeys.

Why is this obnoxious specimen allowed to get away with it? And why do the idiots of Buckingham continue to vote for him. Absolutely no redeeming features whatsoever and his wife is a vile money grabber too!

Rant over.

True Detective Season 2

After the sheer brilliance of Season 1 I was really looking forward to the second season of HBO's top flight police drama.

Is it as good as the original?

Unfortunately not.

It tries to be... and the actors pull out all the stops but regrettably it is inferior in every single way. And I reckon that is down to not giving a toss about who was murdered, why they were murdered and who the murderer is.

As the viewer you just don't care!

Having said all that I will watch the remaining episodes.

Rating: 6/10

Stretchy sleeves...

Why do young women who are wearing jumpers always stretch their sleeves down over their hands?

What's all that about?

Rant over.

Fear The Walking Dead

Love this poster for the new spin off series: Fear The Walking Dead... very clever!