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The Garden - Day 9

The Circle is now complete...

The Garden - Day 8

Running late for work...

The Garden - Day 7

Of course it has to rain... however it brightened up later and work continued...

The Garden - Day 6

The Garden - Day 5

The shed is moved to the back of the garden... and a view of next doors much inferior garden through the missing fence!

The Garden - Day 4

The circle can be seen for the first time...

The Garden - Day 3

The paving begins... note that the slabs are laid at 45 degrees to give the impression of a greater space.

The Garden - Day 2

Work begins. The old patio and fence are removed and we can now walk freely into next door!

And so it begins...

The Garden - Day 1

The Garden - Prologue

Watch this blog for photos of our garden as it is completely reconstructed over the next couple of weeks...

GHD "Where the bloody 'ell is he?"

One thing that truly winds me up (and there are many - I know!) are people who are compulsive liars. Individuals who relate amazing stories of things they have supposedly done or are doing. When the claims are particularly outrageous it creates a David Brent type situation... one of acute embarrassment. LA e-mailed a link to a film clip which featured such an individual who several us knew from school (a bizarre clip I hasten to add). I haven't seen GHD for about 21 years but seeing that clip was like a blast from the past. To be quite honest I think he is a sad and deluded person and I pity him... Actually I don't... he is a complete LOON!

10p per minute

Imagine my disgust... I wanted to put some air in my tyres the other day. Get to the machine and what do I find? What was previously free is now 10p per minute for air. A*rseholes!

Rant over.

To Do Lists

Scanning through other blogs, I came to the following conclusion:

Hand write a list of things to do with your life. Write about the reasons why. Write about your innermost thoughts. In fact write loads of stuff and make it interesting. Then send it to some woman in the US who publishes it on her blog and website. Then she collects these stories together and gets a book published. Nice little earner isn't it? She even has links to Amazon so as you can order it. This is utterly taking the p*ss! Let everyone else do the work and I'll make a stack of cash out of it. Bloody 'ell makes me think I should see if I can get the dross I write about published. At least it comes out of my head and not poached from other people.

Rant over.

Oh god... Celebrity Get Me Out of Here is back!

Jeezus... need I say more. This pile of shite is back.

You Only Live Twice

I just watched the last portion of You Only Live Twice ... The bit where Bond (Sean Connery) is disguised as a Japanese fisherman - UNBELIEVABLE! - he looks about as Japanese as my left foot! Sean Connery is Sean Connery in every single film he has been in, he can't actually play a different character. This arrogant git also believes in Scotland separating from the UK which is bloody rich coming from him as he doesn't even live there. Nasty piece of work.

Rant over.


I've just been reading an indepth review of the new iPhone... what a rip off! £260 on O2 and you have to sign an 18th month contract. Basically they have made a good interface and that's it. The review listed a whole load of things that were missing from it... stupid things that could have easily been there. Style over substance and no doubt they will sell shedloads of them!

Nantwich Cheese Awards

N and I were in M&S in London Colney at the weekend and I couldn't help but notice a sign on their cheese display. It said they had won 416 awards for their cheeses at the Nantwich Cheese Festival. 416 awards!!!! What are these cheese award ceremonies like? Does Billy Crystal host the show and say "... and now for the best stinky cheese catagory with holes" How many categories are there for Chrissakes?? 416 soddin' awards they have won! Who came second and third? Weird...

Rant over.

30 Days of Night

If you enjoy watching three attempts at trying to chop someone's head off with an axe, then this is the film for you! I enjoyed 30 Days of Night... true - there seems to be a couple of bits where a scene appears to have been cut out (how did that character get there?) but it builds the suspense up well and the vampires are bloody 'orrible. Actually they reminded me of the Cenobites from the Hellraiser films. Time seems too compressed as well. The survivors are holding out for 3o days until the sun comes up again but it seems like 30 hours instead. I liked the vampire leader (who I'm sure I've seen in something else... will have to look him up on Wikipedia). All in all a good evenings entertainment.

Rating: 7/10.