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I'm a non-entity, get me out of here...

Unfortunately I watched a bit of this rubbish programme tonight... and couldn't help laugh at the delusional David Haye who said he intended to pursue an acting career in Hollywood once his boxing days were over.

Yeah right... okay David.

Rant over.


The design of these things doesn't seem to have changed for years... well at least as long as I can remember. But what I want to know is - why 50% of them always seem to have been knocked over? How clumsy can people be when they are driving? And when I come to think of it I've never seen one in the process of being flattened...


Because you're worth it...

Blimey... I seem to be on a cosmetics ranting spree at the moment, but with Christmas less than a month away it is impossible to avoid TV adverts on the subject. Which leads me on to the question... how many spurious and undoubtly overpriced products do L'Oreal make? There seems to be thousands of them. Advertised every commercial break... and how much is Cheryl Cole paid to say "because I'm worth it"... because sorry you aren't.

Rant over.

50 ml or 100 ml...?

I cannot believe the ridiculous pricing on perfume. For instance £37 for 50ml and £42 for 100ml. Where is the sense or logic in that?

Rant over.

Razor blades

Why the hell do replacement razor blades cost £58,000,000 per pack of three? Bit of a rhetorical question that... the answer clearly being: TO RIP YOU OFF!!!

Rant over.


Another thing that I find irksome are the so called "experts" who are interviewed for their opinions on various radio or TV channels. Particularly stations such as Radio 3. They always seem to be the same type... ie. pompous, patronising and arrogant. Again... anything to do with the media is dominated by mile high egos and a stampede for recognition by the public..."look at me, look at me, I'm so clever and knowledgeable". Pathetic.

Rant over.

What has EE got to do with Kevin Bacon?

What on earth has Kevin Bacon got to do with selling mobile phones in the UK? For a start I don't suppose Kevin Bacon had ever heard of EE before they contacted him for the role... and half the things he talks about in the advert must mean absolutely nothing to him (he mentions Coronation Street at one point). And it is not until you read about him a bit on Wikipedia that you realise the reasoning behind everything revolves around Kevin Bacon. Too surreal, too weird and no relevance. Certainly doesn't make me want to go out and get an EE contract... Oh wait a minute I'm with T-Mobile therefore I already am. Damn!

Rant over.

The Hammond Rants - Revamped!

I thought it was about time I gave the The Hammond Rants a fresh new look... so here it is... a bit more grungy than previous. I hope you like it and of course please feel free to comment!

Savile's wealth

Ignoring the fact that Jimmy Savile appears to have been Britain's most prolific sex offender... what I want to know is (apart from how he got away with it) - Is how the f*ck he became so rich?

"Er er er... hello guys and gals"."Now then, now then young man". Sitting in a ridiculously large crappy chair. Wearing bling. Smoking a cigar. And looking like a f*cking weirdo in every single picture ever taken of him. What the hell was he talented at? And why was he paid so much?

Rant over.


Skyfall is the third Bond film I have reviewed on my blog... how time flies! And of course it is the third Bond film to star Daniel Craig - who I still believe is the best Bond since Sean Connery. The film looks like it will be the most successful so far in the series.

To be honest I think I prefered Casino Royale. The main reason being I didn't like Javier Bardem as the completely ridiculous villain. The previous two films are sort of grounded in our reality and feel more believable. Skyfall shares elements with its predecessors but seems wrong in having an "old school" style over the top and camp baddie. Having said that the acting is pretty top notch and we do get to see some of Bond's family background and what makes him tick. "M" plays a much bigger part this time around (in fact she is pivotal) and although I dislike "Dame" Judy Dench with her piggy eyes and unsmiling face she puts in a great performance.

There are a lot of nods to earlier films (being the 50th anniversary it was inevitable) with a tongue in cheek reference to the ejector seat in Bond's DB5 (see above).

All in all an enjoyable film but I don't think it is the best - which is what a lot of people are saying. One thing is for sure though and that is: James Bond will return.

Rating: 7.5/10

The Kindle... pointless gadget

Is there really any point to a Kindle? You can store thousands of books on it... but how many people actually do? Not that many I bet. No... I reckon the main reasons for their success are that people want to show off in public and they are any easy Christmas or birthday present idea."hmmm... what shall I buy Fred for Christmas. I know a Kindle!" It's a new trendy gizmo that people want to be seen clutching.

Rant over