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Cannot believe this!

One of my pet hates is for the unimaginative, herd mentality, scum who drive a BMW... their arrogance of believing they have the right to barge their way past or cut up anyone else on the road. So imagine my disgust whilst perusing the O2 Arena website that I found this...

"BMW Owner VIP Parking
A special offer for BMW Owners, for just £5 extra purchase a VIP parking pass for your event*. With this pass owners are able to park closer to the arena and experience the BMW VIP Walkway.
*If the date you require is not available please check back closer to the event date. BMW CARS ONLY. Enter by gate 3, located at the end of Millennium Way. Car Park opens 1 and a half hours before doors to The O2 arena. All cars MUST vacate the car park no later than 1 and a half hours after the event finishes. Please note BMW VIP Parking is only available for events in The O2 arena."-- O2 Arena website

Soooo... let me get this right. W*nkers who drive a BMW can park closer to the arena. BMW CARS ONLY. Beggars belief.

Rant over.

"A Lustful Yeti...?"

"A lustful Yeti was captured on camera at the start of September, ogling holidaymakers in Poland. Teenager Justyna Folger was paddling in her bikini when she noticed the creature spying on her. According to the Sun, Justyna said: "At first I thought it was a bear but it appeared to be stooping, and then it raised itself on to two legs and ran off. I couldn't believe it."
One week earlier Piotr Kowalski, 27, claimed to have filmed a "monstrous, hairy creature" (not pictured) while walking in the nearby Tatra Mountains. "I saw this huge ape-like form hiding behind the rocks. When I saw it, it was like being struck by a thunderbolt. I never really believed the local stories of a wild mountain ape-man. But now I do."-- MSN website

Wouldn't it be terrific if Yetis really existed! Or even the Loch Ness monster. Imagine the news headlines...

The X Factor falls apart...

It looks like Simon Cowell's cash cow is being cocked up by the good ol' British public. The utterly crap Jon and Edward (though perversely watchable) are being voted back week after week at the expense of better contestants. The John Sargent Effect eh?

I also read that Mr Cowell had been subtly having Westlife's latest single played in the background during earlier episodes so as to encourage people to go and buy it... of course being Westlife it isn't an original song - it's a cover. Typical.

Lastly... they of course had to mention that Cheryl Cole was now at number 1 in the charts - thanks once again to Simon Cowell having her perform live on last weeks show. Talk about manipulating the market.

Rant over.

New Doctor Who Logo

I quite like the new Doctor Who logo... probably a good idea to give the series a fresh new look for when Matt Smith takes over from David Tennent. Of course all the DW merchandise will have to be rebranded!

What a nice man Mr. Ecclestone is... NOT!

"In June, F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone said there would definitely be a British Grand Prix in 2012, and that it would be at Silverstone if Donington failed to come through. But more recently he has backtracked and said it is not certain there will definitely be a Grand Prix in Britain next year at all." -- BBC news website.

Such a pleasant, decent chap isn't he? Let's constantly threaten and bully British motorsport... eh?

Rant over.

"Cole set for singles chart record"

"X Factor judge Cheryl Cole's first solo single is on course to become the year's biggest-seller so far, the Official Charts Company (OCC) has said.
Fight For This Love sold more copies on its first day than Alexandra Burke's single Bad Boys"-- BBC News website

A sad state of affairs if you ask me. Someone with little talent, who mimes and gets free advertising on The X Factor... and straight to number 1 she goes.

No sympathy for postmen...

With the news that Royal Mail are recruiting 30,000 temporary staff to assist in the backlog of mail... and of course break the two day postal strike that will be occurring later this week I can't help thinking that the postmen have effectively committed themselves to employment suicide. Didn't it occur to these idiots that during the current economic climate it would be unwise to take
strike action. Do they honestly believe they are going to receive any sympathy from the general public... I don't think so!!! Apparently 80,000 people applied for the temporary work so that says a lot. Of course we will all pay the price because ultimately the "universal" service will have to be scrapped and we will all be paying a lot more for postal services.
Rant over.

Low Energy Light Bulbs

The Hammond Abode seems to be at the epicentre of the Continuous Conking Out Effect when it comes to light bulbs. Our living room was illuminated by two large soft white 60w bulbs which retailed at £2.95 (or thereabouts) from John Lewis. Now thanks to the change in EU law it costs £7.95 for a new low energy equivalent... and the bloody things start off dim when you switch them on. Great. Maybe I'm cynical, but does it really cost over 100% more to manufacture these things?

Rant over.

Where The Wild Things Are

I've read a couple of reviews of the new cinematic version of Where The Wild Things Are and they reckon this film is incredible... it pulls such an emotional punch you will come out of the cinema blubbering without knowing the reason why...
I'm intrigued.

The Ridiculous Ice Cube...

Deary, deary me... I caught a bit of the dreadful xXx2 the other night. This Ice Cube bloke... is he supposed to be a hardman or something? Are we supposed to think he looks tough? Looks like a fat prat to me. An utterly ridiculous, talentless, pompous looking dickhead. It's the expression that gets me... makes you want to laugh in his face. Look at it again! Ha, ha, ha... TW*T!

Rant over.

Love Happens

N seems to be in the driving seat when it comes to film selection at the cinema recently. The latest film we saw was Love Happens a completely non-descript sort of love story. The ubiquitous Jennifer Aniston does very little. Martin Sheen makes a couple of appearances and that's about it. However the excellent Aaron Eckhart shines through and manages to hold the film together. The plot is Eckhart's wife was killed in a car crash, he blames himself (we find out he was driving late on), he writes a self help book about getting on with your life which becomes a bestseller, he meets Aniston, falls for her, together they find out he still hasn't confronted his grief etc... and that is largely it. Needless to say everything works out in the end in a sick making way. Eckhart is great. Rest of the film is shite.

Rating: 5/10 (Eckhart: 10/10)

SERCO use cloned workmen

A company you notice quite a bit these days is SERCO. Their logo seems to adorn all sorts of commercial vehicles. Rubbish collection, council maintenance etc. In fact if you take a look at their website you can see they have their fingers in a lot of pies... almost certainly have hundreds of senior councillors in their pockets - a bit like that other company Capita (set up TfL, run exam companies... boss donated £1 million to Labour Party - that sort of thing)... anyway I digress - I was walking pass a load of SERCO workman who were fiddle-arsing around putting up some signs or lamp posts or something when I suddenly realised they all looked the bloody same. There were at least half a dozen of these proto-hominids and all of them were of slobby build and all with shaven heads. Weird... I reckon the recruitment requirements must be "only bald primates need apply"

Rant over.

Hedge Fund Greed

Great isn't it!... Today it was announced that 1,700 people face the chop at British Airways. Pay freezes in the public sector or pay cuts in other areas of business. So what do a load of those nice Hedge Fund companies threaten to do?... We don't believe in paying more tax to help people and help the country. We "earn" astronomical sums in comparison to anyone else and we certainly don't won't to pay a bit more tax, we certainly weren't to blame for the banking crises (although we take huge gambles with vast amounts of other people's money) so we're going to bugger off to Switzerland where everything is still deregulated. ARSEH*LES.

Rant over.

On thinking about it... he must be sh*gging her


It wouldn't be the same if I didn't rant about The X Factor every year... and 2009 will be no exception. I've just been watching tonight's show and couldn't help feelling a bit incredulous about who the judges pick as their assistants. Ronan Keating (as much as I loathe him), Kylie Minogue and Will Young I can accept as being credible assistant judges. BUT Sinitta... I bet the contestants didn't even know who the hell she was!! She didn't even offer any helpful comments... just sat there nodding her head. I could have done that...! I wonder how much she got paid for appearing? Ridiculous...

Rant over.

Derren Brown... yet again!

Bloody 'ell I really don't know why I keep watching The Events. The latest and I think it is the last show had Mr Brown claiming he could work out where the ball would land on a roulette wheel by mentally calculating angles and speeds etc. (which would be the only way of predicting the outcome).

The bit that bugged me was before he did the roulette thing. He pulled two people out of the audience, placed two matchboxes in front of them, one containing a £20 note, the other empty. The two people then had two chances to switch the boxes etc. Anyway Brown said right from the beginning that the bloke from the audience would win by correctly selecting the matchbox with the £20 (hope you are still following me?) Anyway the girl won because her box had the £20 however Brown then went on to say "Unfold the £20 note and read what is on front of it" The written message was "You must give the £20 to the other person". Hang on a minute!!! I immediately thought... if the guy had selected the correct box Brown wouldn't have mentioned the message on the £20. Pathetic trick!

Then we had all this ridiculous tripe about how he just hypnotised this member of the public and "suggested" that this person withdraw £5,000 in cash for him to bet on the wheel. The cash donor didn't remotely look convincing. Then there was a surreal bit in a casino and Derren Brown lost the bet and the programme finished abruptly... weird!

Lucky this random cash donor had £5,000 he could easily withraw. I don't know I found The Events rather disappointing.