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Sod's Law at the petrol station

I've ranted before about queuing at petrol stations... but today's episode was a real pisser. Usually I pick the wrong queue and end up stuck behind some retard who acts as if they've never seen - let alone used a petrol pump before. Meanwhile the f*cker who came in behind me but picked an adjacent queue moves straight into position within mere moments. But today it was the other way round. I WAS IN THERE! Like a flash. Start filling up... threequarters full and then all the pumps shutdown. So as I had enough fuel to be getting on with I go and pay for it... whilst I'm in the shop paying the pumps reboot back to zero and I find out that had I waited I may have received £32 worth of unleaded for nothing. F*cking typical.

Rant over.

Sports Direct shop staff to each net '£43,000 bonus'

"Two thousand shop staff at Sports Direct were celebrating after landing a shares windfall worth on average more than £43,000 each for beating sales and profits targets. Sports Direct, founded by former squash coach Mike Ashley 29 years ago, has hit its target for the second year in a row, with profits up 25 per cent for the year ending this April. This means its staff are set for a shares windfall worth more than twice their average salary of £20,000. It is believed to be the largest shares bonanza of its kind ever to be handed out to shop staff in Britain. While other high street stores are struggling, the company - whose boss also owns Newcastle United - has surged ahead with its business.

Staff at the discount sportswear chain, which also owns Sports World, Lillywhites and brands including Slazenger, Lonsdale and Dunlop, who are entitled to the share pay-out are those that have been on the payroll for two years. Each will receive an average £30,960 share payout, and in addition will net a bonus payout for meeting the previous year’s target, which means they will each pocket an average total of £43,860."-- Daily Mail website.

Okay... let me get this right. A shop that sells everything with a tag on it saying 75% off (yeah right - like it was ever 75% more!). All undoubtly manufactured in sweatshops in the far east... and more importantly employs the most retarded chimpanzees known to the retail sector is paying out bonus' of £43,000 to said monkeys. I f*cking give up. Have you ever had a good experience in one of these shops? The staff are total f*ckwits... there is barely a f*cking braincell amongst any of them. And they get a £43,000 bonus. I despair.

But more importantly... what I find incredible is that the bloke who owns Sports Direct is actually rewarding the staff in this way. Surely bosses in his position would simply pocket the money for themselves? Weird.

Rant over.

Thorin Oakenshield

Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield... looks like Gowron from Star Trek!

Three more dwarves... Bombur, Bofur and Bifur

Looking better and better... Bombur, Bofur and Bifur (I think!)

Hacking a mobile

With all this phone hacking going on I was intrigued to find out how easy it is to do. Basically it isn't easy at all... well not now at least. Which makes sense because all this NoW stuff went on a few years back when voicemail was more popular and all that guarded it was a four digit PIN. These days with smartphones it is much more tricky and usually involves getting hold of the victim's device or to unwittingly download a dodgy App or be directed to a nefarious website. With the advent of loading money on to your phone for financial transactions... it puts you right off!!

The Dark Knight Rises

Another film I'm really looking forward to... looks like all hell will be let loose in Gotham City!

The End of The News of The World

I actually feel sad that today saw the last issue of The News of The World. Not that I had ever bought the paper (although I must admit I would always flick through it if any friends of mine had bought it and had left it lying around). I feel sorry for the fact that something quintessentially British has come to an end after 168 years... and in such a shoddy way. I am certainly not condoning the behaviour of the journalists involved in the phone hacking of murder victims or soldiers fighting in Afghanistan... but I seriously do not give a sh*t whether the likes of Hugh "I'm a bumbling toffee nosed tw*t" Grant or Steve "Aah ha!" Coogan have had their undoubtly uninteresting phone conversations listened to. In fact isn't it unsurprising the amount of non-entities who have stepped forward and announced that they believe their personal phone calls were spied upon. Perversely it seems it is positively cool to say "My phone was hacked by the News of The World. And what has happened? The supremely repulsive Rupert Murdoch and his vile son have shut down the newspaper... and the ugly and nasty looking bitch who was the editor at the time and is now CEO (I detest that term) of News International has got away scot free whilst the employees have been branded as scapegoats. The whole thing stinks. The News of The World may have employed dubious tactics but it deed reveal some hot undercover stories... and did embarrass plenty of scumbags who deserved to be embarrassed. Who is going to do that now?

Rant over.

Gloin and Oin... from The Hobbit

I like the way they have kept the family resemblance to Gimili... really looking forward to this!

Look at the state of Sinead O'Connor!!!

I couldn't believe it when I saw the photo at the top of Sinead O'Connor as she is now. What the f*ck?