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Ripper Street cancelled?

I have really enjoyed watching the first two series of Ripper Street. It is original, brilliantly acted, has gripping plotlines and fabulous characters. So why oh why does some f*cking retarded d*ckhead at the BBC suddenly decide to cancel it? Apparently because it's viewing figures dropped in comparison to the first series... and maybe that was because it was moved to a Monday and put up against I'm a Celebrity.

Smart move NOT.

Then shedloads of fans complain online and then Amazon save it and commission a third series. Which will be shown a few months later on BBC1.

So how come everyone sees things differently to the BBC ?

Rant over.

Godzilla 2014 is sequel to original 1954 Godzilla

Following on from my earlier post I've just watched the trailer to the new Godzilla film and I must say I was impressed. Playing it straight they reference the original 1954 film... so it looks like we are getting a direct sequel.

Smart move!

"Would you buy a used car from this man?"... How embarrassing for you Chris Moyles

No I certainly wouldn't! So this unpleasant arrogant loudmouthed northerner who used to talk sh*te inbetween records on the radio and was paid £700,000 pa by the BBC has been caught trying to avoid paying tax. He also requested that he retained his anonymity during the case but fortunately the judge denied him that advantage.

What p*sses me off is how incredibly wealthy people like Moyles believe they shouldn't pay tax and the rest of us should... it's not as if he can't afford it.

FAT GREEDY BASTARD... and I hope your pathetic career is f*cked!

Rant over.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Another film I'm not too sure about. Either Marvel are very arrogant in believing a group of comic book characters most people have never heard of are going to be a huge success or it is a stroke of pure genius... we'll see!


Sort of looking forward to this... but I don't think the poster is particularly original. And do we really need another giant monster film especially after Pacific Rim and Cloverfield.


Skeleton attraction?

Now don't get me wrong!... it is fantastic that Lizzy Yarnold has won a gold in the women's skeleton at the Winter Olympics. But what is this bizarre obsession that British women have at excelling at this lunatic head first on a sledge sport? A medal in every Olympics it has featured in.


Marius The Giraffe

So let me get this right... Copenhagen Zoo was bemused at the public's reaction to executing a perfectly healthy young giraffe and feeding it to the lions simply because he was surplus to requirements and may have caused inbreeding.

What f*cking planet are these retards from? And how sick can you get?

Does their publicity department have a brain cell? Evidently not!!!

Rant over.


I find it amazing that a company that is so high profile, has undoubtedly made multi-zillionaires out of the geeks that started it up and is valued at god knows how many billion dollars... has never made a f*cking penny in its entire history! In fact every year of its pathetic existence it has lost millions upon millions.

Any other company that had such a useless and abysmal performance would have been condemned to the dustbin years ago.

Utterly ridiculous... and a complete joke!

And again Twitter is yet another company that provides no content of its own. It just publishes comments from people that are totally uninteresting (most of the time). Leeching others ideas... again!

Can't someone come up with something original?

Rant over.

Confused robot rubbish...

And yet another thing that irritates the hell out of me is that sodding unfunny robot used in those adverts.

A robot called Brian... WOW! That's funny.

And why does it speak with an American accent? Rubbish.

Rant over.