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GPs' pay: Number of doctors earning £100,000 has quadrupled, report shows

The number of family doctors earning more than £100,000 a year has quadrupled in less than a decade, according to evidence submitted to the annual NHS pay review.

Official documents show that more than 16,000 GPs are being paid six-figure sums, including more than 600 on more than £200,000.

Nine years ago, just 4,000 were paid more than £100,000 a year.

The evidence to the annual pay review by NHS England, the central body which controls most of the health budget, suggests any pay rise for GPs is unaffordable, with a £30bn black hole in the health service projected by 2020." -- The Telegraph website.

And that is why no one can have any sympathy for GPs complaining about having to work in the evenings or weekends to see patients.

Poor hard done by doctors! NOT!!!

Rant over.

The scourge of Sturgeon

Does this repellant anti-English woman who is likely to be the next leader of the SNP seriously believe she can demand another independence referendum in two years time?

What the f*ck is she on?

Oh I know... because we didn't get our way this time we'll keep on having a vote until we do.

Why not get everyone down the polling station every six weeks!


Rant over.

Thank God!

The Blacklist

We have recently been downloading and watching the first series of The Blacklist which stars an absolutely brilliant James Spader along with a handful of mediocre wannabes.

Don't get me wrong I find the programme enjoyable - it is just annoying that one well conceived character carries storylines that under scrutiny are lazily written with gaping plot holes.

It suffers from the usual FBI types who stand around detailing what they have discovered to each other... plus the usual track down the villian and dispatch him in the last 2 minutes. Having said that the episode where Red bumps off his betrayers is terrific.

Well worth a watch for Spader.

Rating: 8/10

Dodgy Oriental Businessmen

Why is it in films or TV, whenever the baddie is about to encounter the hero for the first time (usually early on in the film).... the baddie is always finishing off a dodgy business deal with a couple of equally dodgy looking Oriental businessmen and ushers them away before moving on to greeting the hero?


Rant over.

RIP Richard Kiel

I felt very sad today when I read that Richard Kiel had passed away.

I can remember being a kid and watching The Spy Who Loved Me at the cinema and marvelling at the imposing stature of Jaws the greatest Bond villiain / henchman of all time.

The world is a sadder place without you sir.

The new batmobile...

... from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice looks very reminiscent of the Tumbler from The Dark Knight Triology.

Looks good. Maybe a bit fussy?

Haley Joel Osment as he is now!

Remember the kid in The Sixth Sense?... Well... that's him at the age of 26.


Rant over.

'I used my own son's hair on them': Woman is so obsessed by her collection of 300 ultra-realistic dolls she treats them like her own children

  • "Marilyn Mansfield, 36, has been fixated with dolls since she was two and has amassed a giant collection

  • She and her husband Zoth Ommog, 40, have filled their house in Staten Island, New York, with the toys

  • Some dolls, which Mrs Mansfield makes and sells herself, even incorporate the hairs of her ten-year-old son

  • The couple can often be seen taking the dolls for a walk in prams around the streets of New York

  • Mrs Mansfield says 'therapeutic' dolls helped fill the void left by her own children getting too old for prams" -- Daily Mail website.

Okay... I have two points to make with this story.

A) They are f*cking mad.

B) Who the hell has a name like Zoth Ommog?

And another thing I didn't realise was the teenager in the photo is also a doll!

Rant over.


God knows how many times I have watched this film over the last 27 years and I'm actually watching it again whilst typing this blogpost... but I must say it is absolutely bloody brilliant!

"I ain't got time to bleed"


Rating: 10/10

Dodgy iCloud photos leaked

Couldn't help laughing at a report on BBC News about celebs having their security passwords breached and "intimate" photos posted that they had stored on Apple's iCloud. They then used the description "Hollywood Stars" and briefly showed an image of Kim Kardashian.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha... that is hysterical!

Rant over.