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In the barbers again...

Good place to rant about things whilst you wait!

Don't you just hate it when the retard in front of you has some complicated hair cut that takes f*cking forever... compounded by the fact there is only one person cutting!

Rant over.

Stuffing things in drawers...

Okay this is a bizarre rant to say the least... but another thing that irks me is when you put away things in a drawer like papers or boxer shorts etc. and you inevitably overfill it and then something drops down at the back into the drawer below, gets caught up and jams that lower drawer. And when you eventually pull out the lower drawer - usually off its runners you can never get it back first time... it always goes back on the skew. And then an item sticking up in a lower drawer still, prevents you pushing it all the way back... It is at this point you wish you hadn't bothered.

Rant over.

Gypsy Danger

Pacific Rim

I must admit I do like giant robots fighting giant monsters (as barmy as that sounds). However I do appreciate decent acting and decent dialogue and Pacific Rim lacks the later. Apart from Idris Elba and the brilliant Ron Perlman everyone else pales into insignificance. I mean for chrissakes Sean Slater out of EastEnders - why the hell was he cast? And he was trying to put on an Australian accent and failing big time.

The robots or jaegars were very impressive and the carnage involved in the various combat scenes is top notch. The concept of two pilots in each jaegar who need to mind meld or "drift" is a great idea and adds depth to the story. I did enjoy the film but I did think it could have been better. It sort of reminded me of Independence Day but not as good.

Rating: 7/10

Behind closed doors...

Considering the ridiculous amount of time the TV cameras spent trained on this door... it was still more interesting than the two mannequins that finally stepped out of it.

Rant over.

Waiting for a lift

And another thing that hacks me off is when you are waiting for a lift and it stops at your floor stuffed full of people and you cannot get in... so you wait for the next one. And when the next one comes back, the doors open revealing the same f*ckers now heading in the opposite direction. Because the b*st*rds have deliberately hogged the lift to make sure they get to where they're going. Leaving you to wait FOREVER!!!

Rant over.

Bankrupt Detroit

So how can a major US city declare bankruptcy? I don't understand it... Surely Detroit should be given more money by the US government to pay off its debts. It's like the people who live there have been hung out to dry. Detroit is a city not a business. Bloody weird if you ask me.

Inverdale spot on

I love this comment by John Inverdale...

"Do you think Marion Bartoli's dad told her when she was little: 'You're never going to be a looker. You'll never be a Sharapova, so you have to be scrappy and fight'"

And then some non-entity politician, Maria Miller, Minister for Women and Equalities demands the BBC sack him... WHY? He's right... Bartoli has been well and truly walloped by the Ugly Stick.

I wish I was paid £600,000 pa for my comments!

Rant over.

Rowling outted

So J K Rowling turns out to be first time author "Robert Galbraith"... and is immediately catapulted from No. 5000 in the book charts to No. 1. Talk about a cynical publicity stunt. And it just shows you how your name counts when it comes to writing. The book could be a bucket of sh*te but it will still be a massive financial success.

But what I want to know is where the hell did she get the utterly ridiculous name, Cormoran Strike from? YOU'RE NOT WRITING HARRY BLOODY POTTER NOW!!!

Rant over.

Overpaid IPSA boss

Read this just now about Sir Ian Kennedy, the cretin who is recommending that MPs receive a 10% pay increase...

"Sir Ian is paid £700 a day and works on average two days a week, which he said added up to an annual salary of between £60,000 and the "high 70s" -- Daily Mail website.

What the f*ck does this idiot do to receive that kind of money? And what exactly did he do to receive a knighthood?

Rant over.

Apprentice Archetypes No. 5

And at least three of the finalists always have some kind of online business as part of their great plan. How original...

Unsavoury Salmond

Now don't get me wrong I am pleased that Andy Murray won Wimbledon today but what revolted me was that obnoxious anti English racist slug Alex Salmond unfurling a Scottish flag behind David Cameron. You only got a glimpse before the camera shot changed... but that was enough.

Did he buy his own ticket or was he given it? That's what I want to know.

Rant over.

Frosty chill has come over the studio: Wendy Hurrell caught on camera rolling her eyes after forecast on 10 O'Clock News

I love this report on the Daily Mail website...

  • Presenter Wendy Hurrell, 31, caught revealing face of thunder after report
  • Smile quickly faded as she rolled eyes and flicked hair on BBC London
  • Viewers took to Twitter to speculate as to where her anger was directed
  • Ms Hurrell later claimed she has been annoyed at technical problems

"The forecast was for blue skies and sunshine, but weathergirl Wendy Hurrell's reaction was a face of thunder.

The presenter was caught revealing her frustration shortly after her 10.30pm report on BBC London last night.

The 31-year-old had been all smiles as she predicted warm weather for London the rest of the week.

But when the camera remained on her, Ms Hurrell could be seen rolling her eyes and flicking her hair in an apparent display of contempt."

Viewers were quick to take to Twitter to speculate as to what had brought on the cold front as clips of the candid moment were posted on YouTube and Facebook. Some thought that her anger was directed at news anchor Riz Lateef. One wrote: 'OMG! Did anyone see the eye rolling from Wendy Hurrell at the end of the weather tonight. Tut tut! Me thinks you don't like Riz Lateef'


Another said: '@WendyHurrell you should wait till the camera is off you before you pull the 'I couldn't give a s***' face' '@WendyHurrell providing much amusement on this sofa with a post-weather eye roll and 'what evs' face,' wrote another.

Deary, deary me Wendy - put your foot in it didn't you?

Dolmio muppets

Another series of adverts that grate on me are those for Dolmio... what are those crappy pseudo muppets all about?... Rubbish.

Rant over.