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Sideburns and Rugby

I don't really understand the technicalities of rugby. It seems to me to be a rather unnecessarily complicated sport played by hulking great blokes who like sticking their heads together in big sweaty groups. For a very physical game it amazes me that at almost random times the whistle is blown and a penalty awarded to the team which is on it's back foot. What I do like about rugby though is if England happen to play Australia and they manage to beat the scumsucking bastards... anyway I digress... what I noticed today whilst Scotland were playing Italy were the ridiculous sideburns some of the Italians sport. What is all that about? What's the blokes name?? Paul Griffen something or other??? Looks like he's related to Wolverine... Prat.

Rant over.

Absolute obscenity...

£650,000 pa... for life. Totally 100% insane!!

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Dick & Dom

More like Dick & Dick... should be taken away to a place of execution and quietly disposed of...

Rant over

Red Nose Day

I have never found this sh*te remotely interesting or amusing. Unfunny "celebrities" again trying to get their faces seen in an attempt to rev up their talentless and pathetic careers. Les Dennis and Biggins are on the telly as I write this. Sweet Jeezus is this honestly the best that can be dredged up. Total 100% CRAP!

Rant over

Valentine's Day / On The Waterfront

N and I spent Valentine's Day in London - and went and saw the play On The Waterfront at the Theatre Royal Haymarket. I must admit I have never seen the film which of course starred the legendary Marlon Brando but the play was pretty damn good. It was a fairly small cast and there were no props apart from about a dozen chairs or so. The cast were excellent and they doubled up parts by playing dockworkers and Johnny Friendly's hoods. Actually they trebled up because during one scene they played Terry Malloy's pigeons which was rather bizarre but quite effective nonetheless. The play is directed by and co-stars Steven Berkoff (he plays the bad guy - Johnny Friendly) a bloke I wouldn't want to upset as he always looks like he is about to explode in fury... I would very much recommend seeing this play!
Rating: 8/10
We were very fortunate in that we had our seats upgraded for free as the Upper Circle was closed. So we were placed in the front row of the Royal Circle (next to an annoying snobby couple who had undoubtedly paid the full price)
After the play we had to search for a restaurant... easier said than done. No problem finding plenty of restaurants - however finding one that didn't have a waiting time of an hour or more was more difficult (most restaurants were not taking advanced bookings). We were virtually on the point of giving up when we tried a Bella Italia restaurant that we had eaten in before when we saw The Mouse Trap. 30 minutes later and we were seated at a table... and thankfully we weren't going home on empty stomachs (no comments please!)

Ebbsfleet... Centre of The Universe

So Ebbsfleet has an international railway station... and soon it will have a bloody great statue of a White Horse. Why? What is special about Ebbsfleet?? Seems a bit weird to me...

Rant over.

Four Bankers...

Weren't they so sincere... didn't they mean every word of their apologies? The only thing these a*seholes regret is that they were caught out. They don't give a monkey's about anyone else. Two of them have no banking experience, two of them have knighthoods and one is a lord. How about stripping those titles away from them for a start?

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Special Occasion Shirt

"So I see Mark has a special occasion shirt….the blue one….he must have paid loads for it and I must say his getting his money's worth…that is the bummer about facebook, everyone can see what is in your wardrobe….pls buy him a new one for his birthday pics….
I hope it's fitting him better than it did at Christmas" -- LAB
Well observed sister-in-law... however the shirt shrank in the wash!

Taking the p*ss...

"Chancellor Alistair Darling has told RBS failure should not be rewarded with huge bonuses." -- BBC News website

Words fail me! The f*cking arroagance of these sh*ts beggars belief. Not only are they totally useless at doing their jobs - they have to be bailed out by the taxpayer and then we are all slapped in the face when they say they are going to dole out bonuses... Bastards!

Rant over.

Composer's Neanderthal recreation

"A musical experience with a difference is being previewed at the National Museum Wales in Cardiff - an attempt to recreate the sound of the Neanderthals."

Bloody 'ell looks like the bloke from Aerosmith!!!

Mandy: The Prince of Darkness

How the hell does this completely untrustworthy slimeball manage to bounce back all the time... does he have secret dossiers on people so that he can blackmail them into giving him plum jobs? It simply doesn't make sense. This obnoxious tw*t has utterly no credibility whatsoever... look what he said at a CBI dinner:

Business Secretary Lord Mandelson has reiterated his warning that the UK must resist the temptation to "retreat into economic protectionism".

Bravo!... and what was it President Obama said the other day? American companies must buy American. In other words he was endorsing American protectionism. So I suppose we in Britain will open our arms and encourage openness in awarding contracts to anyone in the world whilst we have the door slammed in our faces when our own business' tender for overseas work. PRAT!

Rant over.

Kate Winslet

I must admit I have no interest in the forthcoming film Revolutionary Road starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo di Caprio. The media keep bangin' on about how great she is and that she is due to receive an Oscar for her performance.
You can just imagine Kate going for the audition can't you. "Hi Ms Winslet, if you can read the first scene from Act 1 please, we can see how good you are for the part".... "Oh yes of course - why should we bother - your husband is the film's producer". Taking the piss really isn't it? Did anyone else actually attempt to audition for it?? Was there any point???
Rant over.

Guest Rant...

"I just bought a one way train ticket to Norwich to use at the end of the week - less that 100 miles. I could drive there on about 2 gallons of petrol (about £10) but the cheapest train ticket cost £49. I would say £25 or so might not be too unreasonable but paying double that is well above what might be reasonable and amounts to getting charged a penalty fare for not booking 8 weeks in advance. So many things in Britain seem to be priced at levels which are far higher than the service you get. Rant over."

My thanks to PSR for his contribution

Ford and Vauxhall

Rather moronic of Ford and Vauxhall announcing price increases in the UK because of the strong Euro versus the weak pound... so what is that going to do eh? Hmmmm... maybe they will sell less Fords and Vauxhalls. Retards.

Rant over.

Meaningless Names

What was wrong with Norwich Union? Aviva!!! Crap, crap, crap, CRAP... I seem to remember Royal Mail changing its name to Consignia - and then changing it back again after being derided by the public and press.

Melodramatic language...

Have you noticed how the media uses such dramatic words to describe news events? The word "plunge" is an overused favourite. Today shares plunged to an all time low. Or. Temperatures plunged as much of the country was gripped in icy weather. The use of these words to my mind creates exaggeration and when the economy is being reported on then no wonder people become extra nervous and the situation is compounded. Perhaps the likes of the BBC and The Daily Mail etc. have lot to answer for!

Rant over.

Terminator Motorcycle

Terminator Salvation looks quite interesting but from the looks of the trailer it could be visually too similar to Transformers: Rise of The Fallen. Two films featuring CGI robots could be a bit too much...


Come on let's face it... people just wanted a day off!