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The Gym (Part 1) - Flatnose

Going to the gym is pretty tough... not so much the actual gym part but more the motivation in going there in the first place. This week was no exception. However something I find fascinating are the variety of weird people that go there. One of these regular weird people is a repugnant looking cycle-short wearing flat-nosed git... he literally looks like someone has belted him in the face and flattened his nose with a baseball bat. Anyway there I am using one of the weight machines - get to the end of the second repetition, stand up and there's this guy fiddling with the weights before I've even walked away from the machine. Unbelievable... I should have sat down again and carried on. W*nker.

Rant over.


I cannot wait for this!!!

Watchmen Trailer on YouTube

This looks absolutely, bloody BRILLIANT!!!

Live Rant - Strictly Come Dancing (Part 5)

M people woman and Philip from Rising Damp are in the boot off bit... M people woman goes first. Not good... bet her partner is cursing that his paycheque may well end soon. Now its Phil's turn... I'm sure that Lilia woman looks porkier than previous years. Didn't she dance with that Welsh tw*t Aled Jones?? All over... now for the judges. Craig (the arsehole) votes to keep: M People woman. Annoying woman votes to keep: M People woman as well! Italian pr*ck votes to keep: M People woman too... Philip is out! Poor Lilia no extra cash for Crimbo - and of course Old codger judge says he would have voted for Phil... Yeah right! Thank God that drivel is over.

Live rant is over.

Live Rant - Strictly Come Dancing (Part 4)

Who's this singing? Last years winner... bloody 'ell don't they drag this rubbish out. These dancers are desperate to get a bit of fame so they can appear on some "celebrity" reality programme. Both Forsyth and Daly reading their lines off of idiot boards. Jodie Kidd is ugly. M people woman has a mouth full of choppers. Good bit now - who gets booted out. Mediocre career thwarted for the loser... ha... ha... bloke with the sting vest is through and he was sh*t.

Live Rant - Strictly Come Dancing (Part 3)

Forsyth making more unfunny jokes. Honestly I could do better than this. Now for the professional dancers... including the fake Italian and the one who is probably shagging Cherie Lunghie... Claudia Winkelman - what the blue blazes does this woman do?? Appears on BBC3 and that's it... Italian prat judge - Bruno what-his-face, couldn't you just punch him in the face... deliberately over-the-top flamboyance because he is Italian...

Live Rant - Strictly Come Dancing (Part 2)

John Sargeant really does look like Jo Brand... UGLY!! Tess Daly as I've said before - talentless rubbish. Now silly old gits of the general public being interviewed. This programme realy is crap!

Live Rant - Strictly Come Dancing (Part 1)

Just watching Strictly Coming Dancing - Catherine Jenkins is singing - CLASS and she is a stunna. Darcey Bussel is dancing... very good but her nose is a funny shape!

Nice to see you... NOT!

Why doesn't someone put this old git out of his misery... he isn't funny... he has no talent (has never had any talent - contrary to popular belief)... just unadulterated, total shite! Get lost Brucie...

Rant over.

Star Trek XI

Just been looking at some pics from JJ Abrams forthcoming Star Trek film which is scheduled for release next year. Karl Urban looks surprisingly good as McCoy!!! Especially when you consider he was Eomer in LotR and I think he was in Doom (which I've never seen - but N has)
I watched Sunshine the other day on Sky Movies and actually thought it was quite good - even though it ripped off Event Horizon. Rating: 6.5/10.

Keeley Hawes

Yet another advert that irritates the hell out of me is the Keeley Hawes cosmetics one... why is it that an unseen voiceover type man questions her about what make up she is using? What the hell is all that about? - and her coy responses make the whole thing truly absurd!

Rant over.


I've been watching Fringe on Sky One which is made by the same people responsible for the superb Lost. However whereas the later is totally original Fringe is shaping up to be rip off of The X Files. Except that The X Files had two great lead characters and Fringe doesn't. It's worth watching but I'm suffering from deja-vu when I watch it. I do like the way they put the captions up though in giant 3D lettering above the next scene... you would understand what I mean if you watch it.

Council Tax Money

Why is that local government demand an increase in the council tax to fund projects and services when they are investing millions into Icelandic (and other) banks... what the flying f*ck is that all about? "More money please we need it for running your useless rubbish collection service..." "Oh because we don't want to spend the £50,000,000 we have of your money stashed away in Reykjavik" "Oh shit... we've lost it all..." UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Rant over.


Why is it that when you need to go for a dump at work - you find someone has already been there before you and left a giant floating turd that will refuse to be flushed away... disgusting!

Rant over.

Lily Cole...?

Lily Who? I hear you say... I first noticed this model in M&S as her image appears quite a lot all over the store (along with the permantly grinning and obnoxious Myleene whats-her-face). Christ - who the hell thought she was attractive??? What a cold looking dead eyed freak she looks.

Rant over.

Yet more about The X Factor...

Although I've ranted about the total lack of credibility Danni Minogue and Cheryl Cole have in judging this contest - I do get perverse enjoyment watching the misery the contestants go through when they are told they haven't made it. It does seem that to be in with a chance you must have some kind of sob story to get through.

Rant over.

Welwyn Garden City - The Visit (Part 7)

Wedgits are soft plastic shapes that plug together for young kids to play with... I discovered this last week when MO delivered a Corsa-load of the things to our house! Let me rewind a bit. M had been impressed when we popped into Hamleys a week or so earlier and she discovered Wedgits. So seeing a gap in the SA market (she runs a kids educational toy business along with my sister-in-law LAB) she purchased a truckload of the things (not from Hamleys I hasten to add but from the UK distributor).

After the delivery we had dinner at The Cowper Arms to celebrate M and G's last evening of their stay in the UK. Less than 24 hours later we were en route to Heathrow Airport and after transferring 50,000 litres of liquids and creams into transparent bags (N had forgotten to mention about this ridiculous security detail) we said our farewells...

Coming soon... Cape Town IV