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Deary me...


MO, N and me-self went to Wimbledon yesterday to watch the tennis. N set the alarm for 5:30am, which was depressing but necessary as it took over 4 hours of queuing to get in. This was the third time I had been to the Championships and whilst I'm not exactly a tennis fan I would certainly agree that it makes a good day out. As it was busy (as you might expect) it took a while to get into some of the courts. We eventually made our way into Court No. 18 to watch two blokes slug it out over a net. Clement v Mezler (I think). All three of us did actually doze off during the second set and I managed to burn my hand in the sun. I felt sorry in a perverse sort of way for these two tennis players - as whoever was going to win would ultimately be smashed into oblivion in their next match... and so their futile careers in the sport will continue on a forever downward trend until some Serbian type with a name ending in "ic" will replace them.

I found myself watching the efficiency of the ball boys/girls as they rolled the balls to their colleagues at the end where whoever was about to serve and wondered what would happen if one of them decided to lob a tennis ball at one of the players heads or said "sod off... get your own bloody towel, yer lazy git!" N must of been bored too as she wondered how far she would get if she streaked naked across the court on live TV! Then snapping me out of my reverie I was struck by a tennis ball... and it stung quite a bit too! In fact during the course of the day I was struck twice. Clearly going to Wimbledon can have its dangers.

We took a look in the shop and by the Lord Harry!... the prices they were charging were taking the pee - to say the least. You can get the blazer that the linemen and women wear for £405!!! Look like a prat for £405. They must be joking...

Another thing I didn't quite understand were the countless number of London Fire Brigade staff present who were marshalling people in and out of the courts... why weren't they on duty fighting fires?... or is it another perk of their overpaid jobs that as well as lazing around all day and having 2nd or 3rd jobs they get free visits to Wimbledon.

We eventually left and had dinner at the Mexican/Indian fusion restaurant in Harrow... where MO felt he had been stitched up with both his courses.

Now totally exhausted we all went home.

Mandela at 90

Just watching a bit of the news on BBC1 just now and I couldn't help but feel irritated at the way they showed David Beckham and Susan Sarandon paying tribute to Nelson Mandela. Who the hell gives a sh*t on what they have to say. A bloody footballer and an actress. Does their opinion carry such weight? I suspect Mr Mandela must be rather bemused by all of this. Anyway for what my opinion is worth - Happy 90th.

Rant over.

No. 2 Amy Winehouse

Overated, arrogant and not musically to my taste. I cannot stand this woman... also like that git Doherty - she seems to get away with continuously breaking the law. Detest that song she did with Mark Ronson... "Valerrrrieeeee...." Crap, crap, crap!

Rant over.

Yet more about bin men...

I had a quick go at Grand Theft Auto IV on the X-Box 360 that TS bought a couple of weeks back... and then I saw my opportunity... I nicked a Refuse Wagon, beat the bin men to a pulp and took it for a joyride before trashing it. Strangely satisfying...


N brought back a maths test for me to do the other day which was roughly equivalent to GCSE level... one and quarter hours to complete and no use of a calculator - dead easy. Bloody 'ell I only got 31 out of 40. Answer sheet was wrong of course...

Ghost in The Shell Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig

If you have Sky, take a gander at channel 199 which is called Anime Central. There is a brilliant programme called Ghost in The Shell which is taken from the Japanese anime classic of the same name... simply brilliant!

Big Brother 2008

Strangely I've been watching the latest series - not avidly - but enough to know generally what is going on. The makers clearly know how to select people who are going to aggravate each other - which obviously is the whole point. It has been deja vu so far in that again there is a woman in it who simply kicks off at everything - in fact even watching her on the TV gives you a headache, imagine what it must be like if you were trapped in the house with her. One part of me believes I should rant about it but another part finds it fascinating...

No. 3 Sunglasses and Blue Tooth

Or to put it more accurately... drivers who wear sunglasses when it isn't sunny (which is most of the time in the UK). A feeble attempt to look "cool". Another thing which I can't abide are people who walk around wearing a blue tooth earpiece such as in a supermarket. Are they trying to look like secret service agents? No they look like gimps...

Rant over.

No. 4 Three-Quarter Length Trousers

Jeezus... how to look a prat - wear a pair of three-quarter length trousers! Coincidentally Bald Prick (see below) wears them all the time.

Rant over.


The old gits that live next door are away on holiday (actually I am presuming this - as they haven't been at home)... nothing strange there I hear you say. However the bald headed prick of a son-in-law and the troll-like daughter have been there every evening. I was out in the garden weeding (like you do) and I could hear them talking. Bald Prick was on his mobile chatting to some tedious mate "Alright geezer, I'll give ya a bell later... got me motor sorted the other day"... translated for my SA relatives and friends "Okay, I will telephone you later today... I had my car serviced recently". Of course there was an Arsenal towel hanging on the washing line unsurprisingly. What I don't understand is why every evening - for the whole evening they are there. What is that about?

Rant to be continued...

Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull

It is frightening how quickly time passes... Harrison Ford looks old and for me that is the biggest and unavoidable problem with the latest Indy flick. The action sequences are as good as they ever were but I don't think Harrison Ford is as charismatic as he was then. Shia LaBoeuf is good however a bit restricted with his part... Marion Ravenwood just looks old. In fact everyone in the film is old (except the afforementioned LaBoeuf and Cate Blanchett). Of course the climactic bit of the film is somewhat predictable and the implication is that Shia may take over with the part.
Not bad but not brilliant.

Rating: 7/10