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Jeremy Hunt... smirking b*st*ard

Why is it whenever you switch over to the news, you are confronted with that smirking, in the pocket of the Murdoch's, b*st*rd - Jeremy Hunt. It's always a camera shot of him coming out of his front door with a grin on his face without a care in the world (no doubt the tosser is really sh*tting himself because he has been caught out) and he is either going for a run or out on his bike.

Q. Would you trust this prick?

A. No you wouldn't.

Sack the f*cker.

Rant over.

"Can Facebook fall any further? More woe for Zuckerberg as experts say 'there's no bottom' to how far shares could plunge"

"Facebook has suffered a serious blow to its glittering reputation when its share price slumped by more than 10 per cent in just two days of trading since the firm's landmark IPO last Friday.
And the pain could continue for the social network, as many analysts predict its value will continue to fall in the wake of the much-hyped but shambolic initial public offering of 421m shares.
It means Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who made $19bn on Friday has since lost $2.055bn in the three days since.
One market expert even said there was 'no reason' to invest in the company, claiming that jumping on the Facebook bandwagon would be like 'catching a falling knife' - and that there would be 'no bottom' for the shares." -- Daily Mail website

My heart bleeds for him... what a shame. Arrogant f*ck. Social network sites existed before Facebook and loads of them have folded (probably because of Facebook). It will be interesting to see if their shares continue to fall... and if they do it will serve him right. Apparently they have a very complex way of avoiding paying tax too!

Rant over.

Off The Cuff Rant No. 15

And another thing that really hacks me off is when I'm about to do the washing up... I begin to fill the bowl with water, squirt some Fairy Liquid and chuck some crockery and cutlery into it. Except of course there is always a spoon or a dish that is concave side up which gets caught directly in the jet of water from the tap and sprays me all down the front... every bloody time!

Rant over.

"Thank heaven for little girls..."

Now don't get me wrong I don't personally have anything against the late Maurice Chevalier... but what the f*ck were HSBC thinking when they used Thank Heaven for Little Girls in their latest TV ad? Chevalier sounds like a pervy frog paedo... the whole shebang sounds wrong on so many levels. Retards.

Rant over.

Off The Cuff Rant No.14

Why do London's bus drivers think they deserve a hefty bonus for doing their jobs during the Olympics? Well we know the real reason is that they don't want to be left out when they can see the tube driving scum are being paid extra. But what exactly will they be doing that is "extra"? Sitting in a traffic jam with a full bus... the same as everyday. So why a bonus? Retards.

Rant over.

Off The Cuff Rant No.13

I'll tell you what really wound me up the other day... a radio advert by Thames Water that warned people that hose pipe restrictions were still in place and even though it has p*ssed down every day for the last six weeks we are still in a drought situation and we must conserve water. Patronising f*ckers! No!! Why don't they reduce the number of leaking pipes and build more reservoirs or does that mean them investing money rather than paying themselves big fat bonuses.

Rant over.

Tony Travers...?

What is it with BBC London News?... It seems that every day, whatever the news article or subject - they wheel out the f*cker in the photo: "Professor" Tony Travers from the London School of Economics - and get the b*st*rd to comment. What is he? Resident expert on everything?? TWAT.

Rant over.

The Avengers...

or to give it's daft UK title Marvel's Avengers Assemble, presumably decided upon so as not to confuse the British public with the 60s TV series of the same title.

I have been waiting to see this film for ages... well ever since the first Iron Man film was released four or five years ago. Everything has been leading up to this movie. Both Iron Man films, The Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America. Each with an end credit epilogue scene designed to whet the appetite ready for The Avengers.

Well this film certainly delivers. I thought Robert Downey Jr would over dominate the proceedings - but in fact he doesn't. All the main characters have time devoted to them and everyone's motivations are put across well. I loved the way Steve Rogers eases himself in to be leader but not without having to bicker with Tony Stark en route.

I am not going to explain the plot (not that there is much of a plot) but I did love the humour. Especially humour involving the Hulk and the most laugh out loud moment is a scene where he beats up Loki and growls "Puny god". Tom Hiddleston who portrays Loki is superb and is probably the best character in the whole film. He exudes evil but you do feel sympathy for him. Very impressive!

Of course as with the other Marvel films you must stay for the end credit epilogue which reveals that Thanos is likely to be the villain in  The Avengers 2.

If you haven't seen it already I urge you to take a trip to the cinema... NOW!

Rating: 8.75/10

PS. on a separate note I would like to announce that this my 1,000th posting to The Hammond Rants