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Gas and electricity rip off merchants

So EDF Energy have announced gas and electricity price increases of 10.6% coming into effect during December... that's good of them. Why? Because the cost of gas on the wholesale market has gone up? Yeah right... pull the other one. With profits of £1.6 billion it means they are greedy f*cks who don't give a sh*t and are running a cartel with the other "big 5". It is a licence to print money. Disgusting!

Rant over.

Finger lickin' stupid

Why is it KFC only employ retarded imbeciles? I swear that every other visit we make to one of their dreary establishments they f*ck up the order. "3 piece Colonel's meal please?" Get it home...  2 pieces. Forget to include the coleslaw. Ignore your request for wings. For f*cks sake a monkey could do better!

Rant over.

Give Peas a Chance

Whoever painted this slogan on a railway bridge over the M25 was a genius... and very brave! It has been there for years and whenever you see it - you can't help but smile.


Off The Cuff Rant No.19

And another thing that I find deeply annoying is that whenever I get into the driver's seat of my car and look down - there is always, always, always a leaf on the floor. Doesn't matter what time of year it is or wherever I am... a bloody great leaf is always transferred from the sole of my shoe into the car.

Rant over.

48 hour deodorant...

What's all that about? Deodorant that lasts for two days??! Is it for people who only have a wash every other day?