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47 Ronin

I watched about 30 minutes of this tedious drivel last Saturday evening before giving up.

Don't bother watching it as it is rubbish!

Rating: 2/10

It's all about me (Part 1)

Okay... a bit of a weird one this!

I was on my way over to my mum's and listening to Radio 3 in the car, which was broadcasting a programme about Neil Sedaka's taste in music.

So what?

Well what bugged me was whilst the odious little twerp was talking about his musical favourites he just had to mention how he was rated as one of the top pianists in the world.

Just chip that nugget of arrogance in eh?

Why do that? All it does is make you look a prat.

Rant over.

More on Scandal

No, no, no... This programme has degenerated into a lazily written mess. The first two series piqued my interest as they did at least feature some cases that Olivia Pope's team had to sort out and fix, as well as the ludicrous presidential plots - but this third series just doesn't do it for me. The character's motivations are nonsensical and you can see that whatever bozo writes this drivel just uses the same style of dialogue for all the characters. In other words all the players give exactly the same style of speech. God knows why it is so popular!


Rating: 4/10

The Purge

I was expecting better when I watched this on Friday night. It starts off promising  then becomes very unbelievable and contrived. There is nothing here that you haven't seen before except that it is set in an affluent surburban neighbourhood. It is also rather predictable and I was annoyed at the illogical character motivations for murdering people.

Could have been a lot better and god knows why Ethan Hawke agreed to be in it.

Rating: 5/10

The Leftovers

Hmmm... still unsure about this programme. It has a dark melancholic feeling to it and has some interesting characters but is very slow and nothing much has happened in the first four episodes.

I still can't figure out what is going on with the police chief's son and why do the cult members all smoke?

I get the feeling nothing will be properly explained and the show will be cancelled with no proper conclusion.

Rating: 7/10

Twin Peaks Returns!

Yes, yes, yes!... Twin Peaks is returning after 25 years for a third series of 9 episodes, all written and directed by David Lynch himself.

This is fabulous news... It is just a shame that we have to wait for two years before we can see them.

Rave over.

Bob The Baker

I'll tell you who is currently getting on my wick... and that is the smug builder bloke on The Great British Bake Off and the reason why is because he always has that bloody pencil stuck behind his ear.


Rant over.