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This film is going to rock!... Watch out for my review after I have seen it this Sunday.


Since we had the garden completely overhauled at the end of last year, I have only now begun the process of selecting what plants to get. Yesterday I paid a visit to a Garden Centre!!!... and came away with a couple of shrubs (the name escapes me - but they are yellowish) and some pots... as things develop I will upload photos for all to see! (bet you are all excited at that prospect).

The Return of Lemsip Toxik!

Eons ago I posted a report on Lemsip Toxik splitting up with Sian Lloyd to go out with a Cheeky Girl... now an update...

"Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik has shared some happy news exclusively with HELLO!. The politician announces his engagement to Romanian Cheeky Girl singer Gabriela Irimia in the latest issue.Speaking exclusively to the magazine, 25-year-old Gabriella remembers the moment she agreed to be 43-year-old Lembit's wife. "When I said 'yes' he started to cry," she says. "Tears of joy poured out of his eyes."" -- from Hello Magazine's website.

UNBELIEVABLE!!!... this berk is utterly UNBELIEVABLE!!!

The Hammond's go to York (Part 5)

Sunday breakfast and whilst chomping through another super full English we sat there listening to the hotel manager (I think he was the manager) chatting to some American woman who turned out to be a writer of some sort. He went on and on and on about places he had been and where had lived etc. clearly trying to impress this woman. It became rather irritating after a while and the urge to ask him to shut the f*ck up became rather tempting.

At last we left for home... although we did go via an "Outlet store shopping centre" at N's insistance. I resisted the compulsion to buy anything as much as possible... Yeah I know what compulsion I hear you say?


The bloke that played Taggart and the character himself must have died about 20 years ago... why do they keep calling this programme Taggart? Utterly bizarre...

Rant over.


What a load of crap... bulimia - my backside. More like fat greedy bastard!!!

Rant over.

The Hammond's go to York (Part 4)

After the National Railway Museum we went to the Jorvik Centre and then for tea and scones at Betty's Cafe & Teashop... Now I know, I know, I know... you are sitting there wondering when I am going to make my next rant. So take a look these two what an absolute pair of repulsive prats. What the hell do they look like... (risky taking photos like this).

Rant over.

The Hammond's go to York (Part 3)

One thing I enjoy when you go away for a weekend break is a full English breakfast... and bloody 'ell the breakfasts at The Mount Royale are huge! Sunday and we headed off for the National Railway Museum, which unlike York Minster is free. We had a good look around for about 3 hours or so and I told N about Mallard and the Japanese Bullet Train as well as The Flying Scotsman.

The Hammond's go to York (Part 2)

As I have frequently mentioned in the past - eating is a favourite pastime of ours. This weekend break was no exception and it was on the Saturday evening we found ourselves in an excellent French restaurant. Of course I had snails for starters and a main course of venison. Tres bon!

York Minster (moneygrabbing b*st*rds)

The Hammond's go to York (Part 1)

I've been a bit slack lately in writing new posts for my blog... so I've decided to remedy the situation. This last weekend we went for a break in York, a city that N had never visited and which I had last been to quite a few years ago. We drove there on Saturday morning arriving at about 1pm and checked in at the Mount Royale Hotel. We dropped off our luggage and headed off for a wander around the city centre. We explored the famous sites - although I flatly refused to pay £5.50 each to go in York Minster. This has to be the only cathedral on the planet that demands an extorniate admission fee. In fact everywhere you looked in the place they were after your cash... another £5 for a brochure for instance! Or an extra £4 to explore the crypt. Nice little earner York Minster. After that we looked in the shops and strolled back to the hotel to get ready for dinner!

Irina Mikitenko

I watched bits of the London Marathon on Sunday and couldn’t help but notice how physically repulsive the top women runners are… I mean look at the winner. Soddin’ hell she’s been hit by an ugly stick! Also I discovered she’s 35!!! Bloody ‘ell she looks like she’s in her fifties! And they wonder why there are hardily any top British long distance runners… I mean who wants to look like that?

Rant over.