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Katie Price: Worth £45,000,000 and gets the taxpayer to pay for her disabled son to be ferried to school

That tidbit of information came out in Celebrity Big Brother the other night... and although she and her family maybe entitled to claim the "£1,000" you would think she would put her hand in her own pocket and shell out the cash rather than expect the rest of us to pay.

Wouldn't you?


Too thick and selfish.

Rant over

"Foot-shaped radish with five toes goes on display in Japan - fit for a size 12 shoe"


"Historic move to safeguard cyclists"

"Cyclists will take centre stage in Britain's transport network after plans were drawn up for the first government safe cycling budget." The Times.

It goes on to say "calling on the government investing longterm in safe cycle routes"


As I have said several times before the cycle paths where we live are woefully underused. The times you see cyclists on the road literally a couple of metres from an empty cycle path.

A complete and utter waste of money!

Rant over.

Thunderbirds Are Go!

Bloody 'ell!

Talk about giving you the creeps... the characters from the new series of Thunderbirds look like CGI members of One Direction.

Rant over.

Snooker loopy

This is another thing that annoys me intensely!

I haven't watched snooker properly for ages... then literally just ten minutes ago I caught a snippet of a match between Ronnie O'Sullivan and some bloke I've never heard of and the bloody commentator managed to mention the word clinch twice in the space of two sentences.

"This young man only needs the blue and the pink to clinch the frame"

Nothing changes!

They always always always use the word clinch!

Rant over.

Katie Hopkins... how old?

39?!!!... Good grief!

You don't age well do you Katie?

Rant over.

World's most DANGEROUS door discovered in London - beware!

I wouldn't open this door!

Would you?

The Raid: Redemption

After reading rave reviews on AICN about this film I was actually disappointed with this overrated action thriller. Yes the fight scenes are impressive... But after the initial bloodbath between the SWAT team and the gang members the fights are reduced to one on one combat between our invincible and inexhaustible hero and the main baddy's characterless minions.

It's okay... But Dredd is a lot better.

Rating: 7/10

Kristin Scott Thomas... again!

Amazing how I ranted about Kristin Scott Thomas last month by asking the question has anyone ever wanted to watch a film she has been in?

Well strike a light... this actress who has been in a number of films I've never heard of, who lives in France, has brought her kids up in France and considers herself more French than British has been made a Dame (she was awarded an OBE in 2003). I googled the question why has she been given these awards and I can't find an answer apart from the fact she is an actress.

Which leads me to ask why has someone decided to bestow this on her?

An utter and complete mockery.

It is just as perverse as giving awards to two of those overpaid parasites at National Rail for completely failing whilst "working" for a company that is a complete monopoly.


Rant over.