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My blog probably isn't an appropriate place to advertise my sister-in-law's and mother-in-law's new business venture... however I just wanted to say good luck and I hope you make a mint and then expand to the UK and give N and I a cut of the profits!

Well done!


So local councils will be able to charge an additional levy on council tax if you throw away too much rubbish... how are they going to police this? Do the chimps they employ as bin men carry clipboards and make a record? What stops you from putting your bin bags with someone else's rubbish and pass the extra cost on to them? Isn't it likely people are just going to dump there rubbish elsewhere? An utterly pathetic idea, thought up by moneygrabbing lowlife scum who run local government. Everything that happens in this country is about making money above anything. It is not about the environment at all!

Rant over.


Oh soddin' hell I see Bianca is coming back to EastEnders. Patsy Palmer another class actress NOT! I know, I know... I admit I watch EastEnders and to be honest I would love to write soap operas - I reckon I could do a pretty good job. All you have to do is come up with something outrageous, then just bend the characters' personalities to fit the daft plotlines.

What a Porker!

Michael Ball... bloody 'ell. You fat b*stard!

Lewis leaves...

I couldn't help smiling when Lewis Hamilton announced that he was going to leave the UK because he can't live a normal life with his family and friends because the press are forever following him around... That maybe the case - however don't patronise us Lewis, moving to Switzerland eh? Hmmmm... couldn't be for tax reasons could it Lewis?!

How to be rich and a retard...

Chantelle the millionaire?

Just read this on MSN "Entertainment" News

Celebrity Big Brother winner Chantelle Houghton has apparently earned close to £1 million since her appearance on the reality show.

The Essex blonde - who has recently split from her BB housemate Samuel Preston - will be the richest non-famous housemate since Jade Goody, reports The Sun.
Figures reportedly show the 24-year-old has earned more than £925,000 in a year - with TV appearances, a magazine column and an autobiography deal.

Prior to her appearance on the Channel 4 show, Chantelle did a bit of modelling and was working as a Paris Hilton lookalike.
She scooped £25,000 after winning the show and went on to sell the rights to her wedding with Preston to OK! magazine.

Now figures lodged with Companies House apparently show she has earned £925,615 in a year.
A financial expert told the paper: "She's done incredibly well to maximise earnings. I don't think any business analyst would have said she could make so much so quickly with so little business experience."

... I truly despair!

Rant over.

If you're an apprentice tosser...

... buy one of these. Guess what? A BMW 1 series coupe.


Last week I sent an e-mail predicting that:

1) England would lose the football

2) England would lose the rugby

3) Lewis Hamilton would not win the F1 Championship

Unfortunately my horrible prediction came true... what a seriously depressing way to start the week!

England Rugby Failure

Oh well... turned over by the Spring Boks again. At least it wasn't 36-0, but I did have a semi-drunk wife enjoying the fact that England lost. The one thing I am so pleased about is that we didn't lose to France or Australia and of course the Welsh and Irish were wiped out early on... so some consulation!

Well done South Africa (mutter, mutter, grinding of teeth).

Look at the picture... absolutely nothing behind the eyes!


I want one!

Subaru Impreza WRX STi... this car is fabulous!!! Gold wheels are sublime. Unfortunately it seems that some retard at Subaru UK wants the Impreza to be aimed at the family market so they have gone and completely screwed things up and ditched their cars that dominate the UK market ie. the testerone fuelled psycho cars that blokes want to buy!!

Bad losing French...

I was at the gym today when I caught a bit of Sky News. A female French journalist was being interviewed and she was saying how the best team didn't win the semi-final and how she hoped the best team would win in the final. The interviewer was incredulous and said well how come the score said otherwise. It just seems to sum up the French attitude which is similar to the Australians - they have an incredible hang up about being beaten by the English (or British depending on the particular sport). Whilst we (the English) acknowledge we were outclassed when we were hammered by South Africa - the French have to come out with pathetic comments like that when they are beaten. I think a lot of French, Australians and Irish have major chips on their shoulders when it comes to the UK. Get over it.

Rant over.

Total rubbish...


How the hell does this group of bland Irish w*nk*ers manage to gain so much success. All they do is sing inferior cover versions. UNBELIEVABLE!

Rant over.

Dominic Littlewood

Couldn't you just hit this obnoxious bald headed stunted used car salesman with a baseball bat. Who the bloody hell is he? This talentless sh*t had to sell his used car business to pursue his TV career back in 2002. Unbelievable!!! Since then he has followed the usual route of C-rate "celebrities" and ended up on "Strictly Come Dancing", but is cynically going from strength to strength. He typifies my disgust at how talentless sh*t manage to carve a profitable career in the public limelight. Git.

Rant over.

Simon Pegg is... Scotty!!!

Just read on AICN that Simon Pegg will be playing Scotty in J J Abram's Star Trek XI. Sounds interesting! Remember Abram's is responsible for the brilliant "Lost" so it will be great to see his reboot re-imagining of Star Trek.

"A nation in mourning..."

What fantastic news that the Australian scum are out of the Rugby World Cup... this obnoxious nation of cheating sore losers must hate Mr Wilkinson and his team mates. Ha ha ha ha - I laugh in your arrogant faces!

And of course that other antipodean country that believes it should have comfortably won is also out. Tee hee. Oh dear, what a shame... for a country that lives and breathes rugby it must be pretty "Gauling" to be knocked out. Of course in some quarters they are blaming the English referee. Remember this Kiwis... rugby is only a secondary or tertiary sport in France (or England). Ha ha ha ha... Looooserrrsss!

Rant over.

Phil "The Greek"...

Meet The Natives

The inhabitants of Tanna, an island in the Pacific Ocean believe that Prince Philip (or Phil "The Greek") is the son of their god... hmmmm. I've been watching "Meet The Natives" for the last two weeks, which shows what happens when a small group of Tanna islanders come and stay in England. They spend a few days with a working class, middle class and upper class family and it is interesting to see what they think. They seem to be a very intelligent, kind and decent people... the only thing I can't abide is what I started this post with - namely how on Earth they can revere such a pig ignorant, xenophobic, raciest, pr*ck like Phil "The Greek".

Rant over.


AVP-R or Alien Vs Predator - Requiem... apparently the word is that this one will be a million times better than the first one! It is set in a mid-Western town with I presume humans caught in between. Excellent...