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I can't believe three years have elapsed since I saw Skyfall at the cinema. A film I found disappointing - mainly because of it's hammy villain.

And you know what?... Spectre is exactly the same. I feel like Sam Mendes has taken James Bond backwards and has completely undone the new direction taken in Casino Royale (a vastly superior film).

Daniel Craig once again portrays Bond brilliantly. The remaining characters are all pretty one dimensional apart from Q.

There is a plot twist and a big reveal which you can see coming a mile off if you know your Bond mythology. The obligatory fights in a helicopter and on a train and the usual car chase. Loads of continuity errors are strewn throughout. And once again a hammy villain!!!

Entertaining... but not great.

Rating: 7/10

Primary Colours Portillo

Hey!... Michael!!... What's with the strident reds, greens and blues?

You look like one of the characters from that Dick Tracy film with Warren Beatty.

Rant over.

Now I'm getting really excited!