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Jug Ears gets the tube...

My god... those toadying w*nkers fawning around "Prince" Charlie and his horse face wife (what a beauty eh?) as they took a one stop journey on the underground, celebrating its 150th anniversary. What the f*ck was that about? The last time he travelled on it was 33 years ago.

"Is this what you common people travel on?"... and with that the inbreeds were off in their armour plated Bentley. What a PR disaster!

Rant over.


It makes me laugh when I read about all the reasons the protestors make to NOT construct this new railway line. When it comes down to it, all most of them are concerned about is the value of their property. Which is understandable... so don't bleat on about the environment!

Rant over.

Off The Cuff Rant No.21

What a shockingly shite logo ITV have gone with for 2013. One of the troglodytes from our local dump could do better. CRAP!

Rant over.

MPs reckon they should receive massive pay rise

"An anonymous survey of MPs has found that 69% of those questioned think they are underpaid. And on average, they suggest an MP’s salary should be £86,250 - a 32% rise.

The survey was commissioned by the independent watchdog that oversees MPs’ pay and expenses.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) also said the poll suggested MPs’ views on pensions were split.

Some 36% believed they should receive a career average pension, similar to those being introduced in the rest of the public sector, and 35% of MPs thought they should keep their final salary pensions.

Ipsa released the results of the survey alongside its report on the first public consultation considering MPs’ pay and pensions.

In light of the consultation results, it has ruled out performance related pay, regional pay or pay that reflects any second jobs that MPs have outside Parliament.

Ipsa will continue to look at MPs’ remuneration, with the intention to outline a new package in the autumn – which would take effect from the next Parliament in 2015.

But the watchdog confirmed MPs’ pay will rise by 1% in 2013 and 1% in 2014, in line with the public sector." -- MSN website


So whilst the rest of us struggle these b@stards expect a huge rise!!! WHY DON'T THEY GO F*CK THEMSELVES!!!!!

Rant over.

Paula Hamilton... bloody mad!

Another interminable series of "Celebrity Big Brother" gets underway. And this years loon seems to be Paula Hamilton (someone who had been virtually erased from my memory). Anyway look at this photo... JEEZUS!!!

Rant over.

Jerome Flynn

Blimey... Do you remember (years back) the TV series "Soldier Soldier" and the hit single "Unchained Melody"? Starring and sung by Robson and Jerome?

Well I never realised that it was Jerome Flynn who features in one of my fave series of all time "Game of Thrones" and is also currently appearing in "Ripper Street"... Look how he has changed? Great actor though!