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Money talks in education

So pupils at private schools achieve six times as many A* grades at GCSE than their state counterparts. And why is that? Some think that is because wealthy people and their families strive more for success and are more intelligent and have higher aspirations. I find that utterly insulting.

I reckon the main reason for their success is simply that private schools are commercial business' and because of that there is a customer service / sales mentality... there has to be. Where as in state schools there is no such mentality, so they don't bother giving such a service... after all why should they. With a lot of staff having their pay cut, why should they give a sh*t anyway.

So that's it... if you have plenty of money you are going to get on in life regardless of intelligence or aspiration because your parents can afford to send you to a private school. No money... it's f*ck off to you.

Rant over.