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Flintoff spared ban for speeding

"Millionaire cricketer Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff has escaped a driving ban for speeding in his Bentley after arguing "exceptional hardship" to magistrates.

Flintoff, 36, was already on nine points for speeding and in danger of an automatic ban with another three points after admitting being behind the wheel when flashed by a camera doing 87mph on the M6, near Linstock, Cumbria on January 28 this year, Carlisle Magistrates' Court heard.

But JPs accepted a ban would amount to exceptional hardship because of the effect on others who rely on his extensive charity work and the privacy of his three children.

Instead, the former England cricket captain, caught speeding four times in the last three years, was given the three points on his licence and fined £330 but allowed to keep driving." -- MSN News website

Exceptional hardship!!!!... What an utter load of drivel. Why the f*ck should this bloke escape being banned when he has flagrantly been caught speeding four times.

I'm damn sure Joe Public wouldn't have been treated so leniently (and so they shouldn't). Is it because he is famous? You bet is!


Rant over.