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"Watch out workers, the robots are coming"

According to an article in The Times nurses and teachers will survive but those in white-collar jobs may be edged out in a decade.

Experts have predicted that doctors, accountants, lawyers and the rest of the professional classes are to be supplanted by artificial superintelligence and advanced robotics by 2025.

Okay... the article goes on with a quote from Larry Gell, founder and director of the International Agency for Economic Development (whatever that is?) and he says "Everything that can be automated to replace humans will be done." People were the single biggest cost to most companies, he said, so the process of replacing them with cheaper automatons would only accelerate.

So let me get this right... in the quest to get costs to rockbottom levels all human employees will be ultimately got rid of.

But wouldn't that mean NO ONE will have any money because they will be all out of work. So therefore who are these robot employing companies going to sell to?


Rant over.