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"Chef Ramsay sees profits dive 90%"

I detest Gordon Ramsay... he is an obnoxious, arrogant dickhead and the article below (taken from MSN) astounds me as being news worthy...
Profits at Gordon Ramsay's UK restaurants have plunged nearly 90% in a "turbulent" year in which the celebrity chef was forced to pump his own money into the business.
Ramsay's latest company accounts show that the restaurant empire came close to the brink as revenues collapsed while debt and tax bills mounted up.
The precarious situation caused the TV chef and his father-in-law and business partner Chris Hutcheson to inject the business with £5 million.
Ramsay's business problems were blamed on ambitious expansion as well as the closure of key London restaurants like the Savoy as pre-tax profits tumbled from £3.05 million in 2007 to £383,325.
The Savoy Grill was shut because of refurbishment at its host hotel, while the Connaught lease expired. The two restaurants alone accounted for a £9.5 million reduction in revenues.
A statement from the firm said that, after a restructuring of operations, it was confident the group had "successfully undergone change for the better" and was now "well-placed to grow its operation with a more stable capital base and a more manageable overall structure".
Hang on a minute... he is still making a profit? Only a tenth of what he made a couple of years back. "Came to the brink" eh? He still made a PROFIT... how can that mean he was on the brink of going under. Total and utter shite. Do I feel sorry for him? NO I DON'T.
Rant over.


Anonymous said...

For the record....GR is one of my favourite celebrity chefs..LAB

Anonymous said...

Sometime back there was programme shown on British TV where a reporter went undercover into his kitchen and found out how appalling he is to work for. He was rated as one of the worst employers for staff treatment in the country! Cannot stand him.

The Hammond