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Japanese Girl on a photocopier...

Have you seen that advert with the Japanese girl on the photocopier? What is it advertising? Exactly I can't remember either. What an utterly useless advert... concocted by a perv. Crap.
Rant over.


Anonymous said...

It's abit fucking stupid to call an advert pointless when you don't even know what it is advertising.

Your skull must be inches thick.

It is advertising "Mikado Sticks" Chocolate covered biscuit sticks.

There is a box of Mikado sticks on an unreachable shelf so she climbs onto the photocopier in an attempt to grab the Mikado sticks and then knocks the scan button with her knee. The photocopier then proceeds to scan whilst she is on top of it and also is in sight of a male colleague.

By climbing onto the photocopier in order to reach the box of Mikado Sticks, the advert suggests to the viewer that they are irresistible. Also mentioned at the end of the advert are the words "Mikado, more than a little bit tempting."

The Hammond said...

But there is no connection between chocolate sticks and up skirt photocopies... The advert was total bollocks. And "no" my skull is not inches thick, so f*ck off retard!

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Anonymous said...

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