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Herne Bay... Hell on Earth

Where as Canterbury is an attractive city with a lot of character and history... Herne Bay is the biggest pile of stinking crap I have ever had the misfortune of visiting. The whole town should be nuked. I was banned by N from taking any photos of the locals... which is a shame as I could of displayed an impressive array of photos of the most repulsive looking, moronic, retards you could imagine. I particularly wanted to take a picture of some hulking great, disagreeable looking ape who was getting out of a Freelander... wearing camouflaged threequarter length trousers - bloody hell... what a GIT!

We decided to have dinner in this cesspit of a town and as we scouted for a suitable restaurant - the local scummy youth drove up and down the seafront in their "max powered" Citroen Saxos. Eventually we found a restaurant that looked okay. NS was lucky - she decided at the last minute to change her order away from the fish. Alas N, MO and I (that is me) didn't. Of course the fish turned out to be tasteless.

At last it was time to go home and we stopped en route at a service station on the M2 for a coffee. As we parked two women or more accurately two massive bloaters were leaving in the car in front... both feeding their porcine flabby faces with cakes... again I wanted to take a photo but N stopped me. Damn!

And that was it...