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The Canterbury Tales

Last bank holiday... the one at the beginning of May - NS, TS, MO, N and I (that is me) took a trip down to Canterbury for a day out. In a fit of insanity we left home at 7am - however fortunately it paid off because we got there nice and early for breakfast at Cafe Rouge. MO gloated over the fact he correctly guessed the nationality of the waiter as being Irish - he then proceeded to tell us of course that he has Irish blood... but that is another story. We took a boat trip along a short stretch of the River Stour with commentary from a bloke called Vincent. Afterwards NS and N disappeared into couple of shops, MO considered buying a gigantic telly and TS bought a computer keyboard. I of course bought nothing... we walked around a bit, took a few photos, decided not to go in the cathedral (like York there is a hefty entrance fee) and then decided to go to the coast... Herne Bay... Jeezus what a sh*thole.