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"Not so fan-dabi-dozi! Eighties children's entertainers The Krankies admit to being secret swingers"

"For those of you who still think they're a double act consisting of a cheeky schoolboy and his sinister older friend, this will be hard to take.

Brace yourself – the Krankies have admitted in a radio interview that they were secret swingers and have a seedy sexual past.

'Wee Jimmy' and Ian Krankie were idolised by children in the 1980s, and are fondly remembered for their comedy catchphrase 'fan-dabi-dozi'

But the pair – who are in real life husband-and-wife team Janette and Ian Tough – have revealed that while they entertained the nation's kids by day, outside working hours they both openly had a string of affairs and enjoyed alfresco romance." -- Daily Mail website

Even as a child I found something disturbing about The Krankies. But did we really need to know this?

Rant over.