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Why do football managers constantly chew gum?

I'm not an avid football fan by any stretch... but why is it whenever you see someone like Ferguson on the telly - he is always chewing gum. Always, always, always. There they are standing on the touchline chomping away. Then the TV cameras always show a shot of the dugout and there you see a whole line of them - coaching staff, physios, other lackeys... all chewing away. Is that what you have to be to be involved in football... be a gum addict???



Anonymous said...

It probably originated a good few years ago. One day one of them chewed gum at match.
Other managers saw this and had to keep up, in the same way footballers have to keep up with each other (cars etc.)
Before you know it they are doing the same thing. They have to look and act the same, remember football is a sport based around an image.
Now fans of football perceive this image to be "cool".
Most normal, intelligent people just understand that it is typical gang culture, a need to be part of something and feel important.
Unfotuantely footballers and there managers are not important, depsite what they think.

Unknown said...

Very nice put!